Topps Unveils Negro Leagues Card Series by Micah Johnson

Topps is making history with its latest collaboration, teaming up with artist and former MLB player Micah Johnson to introduce a groundbreaking series of baseball cards paying homage to the Negro Leagues. This unprecedented project marks the debut of the Topps Negro Leagues Baseball Card Set, a collection that Johnson proudly considers one of his greatest achievements in the realm of art and sports.

The unveiling of the inaugural card featuring the legendary Satchel Paige took place in Kansas City as part of the “Road to Rickwood” initiative. Leading up to the much-anticipated Rickwood Classic, a new card will be revealed weekly, building anticipation for the special MLB game scheduled at Rickwood Field on June 20, 2024. This event not only celebrates the rich history of the oldest professional ballpark in the U.S. but also pays tribute to the Birmingham Black Barons, the former residents of the iconic stadium.

To further elevate the significance of this card series, 24-foot tall replicas of each card will be prominently displayed at various MLB ballparks across the country, ensuring that the legacy of the Negro Leagues and its iconic players is honored on a grand scale.

Micah Johnson, the talented artist behind these exquisite portraits, has seamlessly transitioned from a career in professional baseball to a renowned artist dedicated to inspiring and empowering through his craft. His intricate hand-drawn renditions of Negro Leagues legends showcase not only his artistic prowess but also his deep respect for the historical significance of these players.

In addition to the base cards featuring these remarkable illustrations, collectors are in for a treat with the opportunity to acquire limited edition Numbered Parallel Cards in each print run. These exclusive variations, such as Silver Border (/99), Blue Border (/49), Purple Border (/25), Red Border (/10), Orange Border (/5), and Gold Border (/1), add a touch of rarity and exclusivity to these already coveted collector’s items, elevating the excitement of collecting and owning a piece of baseball history.

Beyond serving as valuable collectibles, these cards serve as a tangible celebration of the enduring legacy of the Negro Leagues and the extraordinary athletes who contributed to its rich tapestry. With new releases set every Thursday leading up to June 20, fans and collectors alike are eagerly anticipating each card drop, eager to complete their sets and immerse themselves in this poignant tribute to the trailblazers of the game.