MagPro Magnetic Acrylic Card Holders

MagPro, a leading name in card storage solutions, brings forth a game-changing product: the Magnetic Acrylic Card Holders. These holders are not just any ordinary protective cases but rather a blend of innovation, style, and premium quality to cater to the needs of both casual collectors and dedicated enthusiasts.

Crafted with an ingenious slide-in hinge and magnetic closure system, the MagPro card holders eliminate the hassle of using a screwdriver while ensuring that your cards remain safe and easily accessible. The thoughtful design allows for convenient storage and retrieval without the risk of damaging the cherished cards.

Ensuring the longevity of your collectibles, MagPro incorporates UV-blocking additives in the holders to shield cards from harmful ultraviolet rays. This protective feature prevents fading and deterioration, maintaining the cards in pristine condition for years to come. Moreover, the use of non-PVC, acid-free materials adds an extra layer of defense against environmental factors that could compromise the quality of your cards.

In addition to providing top-notch protection, MagPro pays attention to the aesthetic aspect of card display. The holders boast frosted borders and ultra-clear materials that not only enhance the visual appeal of the cards but also add a touch of sophistication to any collection. Engineered with diamond corners, these holders ensure that card corners remain sharp and undamaged, preserving the cards’ condition and value.

Versatility is a key feature of MagPro’s Magnetic Acrylic Card Holders, catering to various types of collectible cards, including rare gaming cards and standard sports trading cards. These holders are designed to accommodate the standard card size of 2.5″ x 3.5″ and are available in multiple thickness options to suit different collections.

To cater to the diverse needs of collectors and retailers, MagPro offers competitive pricing with bulk purchase options:

– Purchase 100 holders for $1.50 each

– Purchase 1,000 holders for $1.25 each

– Purchase 10,000 holders for $1.00 each

This pricing strategy ensures that both individual collectors and businesses can access these premium card holders at affordable rates, making it convenient to safeguard entire collections or offer high-quality protective solutions to customers.

Whether you are a seasoned collector looking to preserve your valuable assortment or a newcomer wanting to start your collection journey on the right note, MagPro’s Magnetic Acrylic Card Holders provide the perfect blend of protection, quality, and style. Elevate your card storage game with MagPro and showcase your cards with confidence and flair.


Unveiling the Excitement of Galaxy Rip Packs

Galaxy Rip Packs are shaking up the world of sports card collecting with an innovative approach that combines mystery, value, and community like never before. These packs are not your typical card collections; they are a gateway to a world of excitement and discovery for both seasoned collectors and newcomers to the hobby.

The allure of Galaxy Rip Packs lies in the unknown treasures they hold within. Each pack contains a single raw or graded sports card from any major sport, ensuring a diverse and dynamic unboxing experience every time. From baseball to basketball, football to beyond, these packs offer a wide range of possibilities, with card values spanning from as low as $0.01 to a jaw-dropping $1500.

The real magic of Galaxy Rip Packs unfolds with each rip, as collectors eagerly anticipate the reveal of what lies inside. The potential for uncovering a high-value card worth up to $1500 adds an extra layer of excitement to the unboxing process, making it a thrilling adventure that keeps enthusiasts on the edge of their seats.

What sets Galaxy Rip Packs apart is the element of mystery and diversity they bring to the table. Every pack is a surprise waiting to happen, with the chance to discover anything from a rookie card of a budding star to a rare collectible of a sports legend. This unpredictability ensures that no two packs are alike, offering a fresh and exhilarating experience with every purchase.

Beyond the thrill of ripping open a pack, Galaxy Rip Packs have fostered a close-knit community of collectors who share a passion for sports cards. Enthusiasts are encouraged to showcase their finds, engage in discussions, and connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate the excitement of the hobby. This sense of community adds another dimension to the collecting experience, allowing collectors to bond over their discoveries and revel in the joy of the hunt together.

So, why choose Galaxy Rip Packs for your sports card collecting journey? These packs stand out for their diversity, quality assurance, and the sheer joy they bring to collectors of all levels. Each card is handpicked for its quality and appeal, ensuring that every pack adds value to any collection. Whether you’re a seasoned collector looking to expand your holdings or a newcomer eager to dip your toes into the world of sports cards, Galaxy Rip Packs offer a gateway to limitless possibilities and endless fun.

If you’re ready to embark on a thrilling collecting adventure, Galaxy Rip Packs are your ticket to excitement and discovery. Don’t hesitate to join the community, share your finds, and unlock the potential of each rip. Who knows, you might just stumble upon that elusive card you’ve been dreaming of. With Galaxy Rip Packs, every rip is a chance for something extraordinary. Happy collecting!


Fanatics and Sotheby’s Revolutionize Sports Card Market

Today, Fanatics and Sotheby’s are shaking up the sports card industry with a groundbreaking partnership that is set to redefine high-end collectibles. This collaboration promises to elevate the market with exclusive auction events where collectors can indulge in buying and selling highly coveted sports cards valued at $100,000 or more. The stage for this exquisite showcase will be set by Sotheby’s, who will be orchestrating a series of live and online auctions that promises to be a collector’s dream.

In a strategic move alongside this alliance, Fanatics is rolling out Fanatics Collect, a brand new collectibles marketplace that is anticipated to debut later this summer. This platform is geared to be the ultimate destination for collectors, boasting a vibrant environment for curating and showcasing prized sports memorabilia. Fanatics Collect will be taking over the reins from the PWCC brand and is designed to offer a plethora of options including auctions, a Buy Now marketplace, secure vaulting services, and collaborations for authentication and grading.

The launch of this momentous partnership will culminate in an exciting inaugural auction scheduled to take place in September in New York. The spotlight will be on a remarkable piece – the PSA 8 1948 Leaf #79 Jackie Robinson card. Recognized as the definitive rookie card belonging to the legendary baseball icon, this card hails from one of the most iconic post-war card sets known for its striking design and featuring an illustrious roster of Hall of Famers.

Nick Bell, the CEO of Fanatics Collect, underlined the profound cultural impact and the global scale that this collaboration envisions to provide. The partnership is anticipated to amplify the visibility of these esteemed collectibles worldwide, attracting attention from passionate collectors across continents. Brahm Wachter, Sotheby’s Head of Modern Collectibles, echoed Bell’s sentiments and expressed enthusiasm about steering the trading card market towards unparalleled heights through innovative exhibits and immersive events.

The synergy between Fanatics and Sotheby’s heralds a pioneering chapter in the narrative of the trading card community. This collaboration promises a future brimming with innovation and heightened accessibility for collectors eager to add extraordinary pieces to their collections. With innovative features on the horizon including peer-to-peer trading, AI concierge services, and digital collectibles, Fanatics Collect is poised to emerge as the ultimate online hub for sports card aficionados seeking rarity and excellence in their acquisitions.


Jannik Sinner’s Rise: Exclusive Panini Instant Trading Card Release

Jannik Sinner, the young and formidable Italian tennis sensation, has captured hearts and records alike with his meteoric rise to the top of the ATP rankings. His latest feat of securing the prestigious No. 1 spot has been immortalized by Panini through an exclusive trading card release, embodying Sinner’s remarkable journey to tennis greatness.

At just 22 years old, Jannik Sinner has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with on the ATP Tour. Known for his powerful playing style and graceful agility on the court, Sinner’s rise to the top has been both swift and captivating. From the very beginning of his professional career at the tender age of 14, Sinner has displayed a blend of composure and talent that set him apart from his peers.

Sinner’s breakthrough moments started to shine through in 2019 when he broke into the top 100 rankings after a series of impressive wins, culminating in triumphs at the Next Generation ATP Finals and the coveted ATP Newcomer of the Year award. His hunger for success only grew as he claimed his first Masters 1000 title at the Canadian Open in 2023, setting the stage for greater victories to come.

The year 2024 kicked off with a monumental accomplishment for Sinner as he emerged victorious at the Australian Open, marking his maiden Grand Slam triumph. This win not only solidified his status as a rising star but also etched his name in history as the first Italian to clinch the Australian Open singles title and only the third Italian man to win a major championship in nearly half a century.

Sinner’s winning streak continued with impressive victories at the ATP Rotterdam Open and the Miami Open, where he showcased his prowess and determination on the court. His milestone 200th career win at the Rotterdam Open further solidified his reputation as a rising tennis icon, becoming the first player born in the 2000s to achieve this milestone. The Miami Open victory added another Masters 1000 title to his name, affirming his place among the elite in the tennis world.

The crowning moment of Sinner’s journey arrived at Roland Garros when he ascended to the coveted No. 1 ranking in the ATP standings, a historic achievement that marked him as the first Italian player to reach this pinnacle. In celebration of this milestone, Panini, the renowned collectibles company, announced a groundbreaking partnership with Sinner that encompasses exclusive trading cards, autographed memorabilia, and other collectibles.

Panini’s collaboration with Sinner commenced with the launch of a special Panini Instant trading card honoring his remarkable journey to the world No. 1 ranking. Fans and collectors alike can now own a piece of history with this limited-edition card, available for purchase through Panini’s online store and select retail outlets. This release is just the first of many collections dedicated to Sinner that will showcase his legacy and impact on the world of tennis.

As the year 2024 unfolds, tennis enthusiasts can look forward to more exclusive releases from Panini that pay homage to Jannik Sinner’s enduring influence and success in the realm of professional tennis. With his unique blend of talent, determination, and charisma, Sinner continues to captivate audiences worldwide and carve out his place as a tennis star for the ages.


Hank Aaron’s Photomatched Rookie Jersey at Heritage Auction

Heritage Auctions is gearing up to present an extraordinary relic from baseball history at its August Platinum Auction: the rookie jersey of iconic baseball player Hank Aaron. This remarkable jersey not only serves as a prized possession for collectors but also holds immense historical value, substantiated by two crucial photomatches from Aaron’s early days in the sport.

The initial photomatch provides solid evidence that the jersey was worn by Aaron during an August 1954 game at Wrigley Field, a pivotal moment in his rookie season when he sported the number 5. Careful examination reveals unique features like the stitching pattern of the number “5” and an embroidered “Aaron 54” label in the tail, perfectly aligning with archival images from that game.

The second photomatch connects the jersey to the 1955 Spring Training period, during which Aaron had transitioned to wearing his iconic number 44. This jersey, carried over from his rookie year, showcases the number 44, indicating its usage during spring training and potentially the regular season of that year. Both the front and back numbers, updated to reflect the change, adhere to the team’s specifications from that era.

Despite its age and historical importance, the jersey remains in remarkably good condition, featuring its original logo patch on the left sleeve and a fully functional zipper. This item stands out as an invaluable piece of sports memorabilia that will be auctioned, offering enthusiasts a rare opportunity to possess a tangible connection to Hank Aaron’s illustrious career.


Columbia City Parks Superintendent Sentenced for Embezzling

Mark Green, the former superintendent of Columbia City Parks and Recreation, found himself in hot water after being sentenced to three years in prison for an audacious embezzlement scheme. Green’s crime came to light following a vigilant investigation initiated by Columbia City Mayor Ryan Daniel in March 2023. The probe was kickstarted after suspicious financial transactions raised red flags, uncovering Green’s illicit activities.

Collaborating efforts between the Whitley County Prosecutor’s Office, Indiana State Police, and the Indiana State Board of Accounts played a pivotal role in exposing the superintendent’s misdeeds. It was disclosed in court documents that Green had siphoned off a staggering $246,000 from city funds to fuel his passion for baseball cards, indulging himself with purchases from ‘Sport Spot’ using the city’s credit card. Subsequently, Green resorted to selling some of these ill-gotten cards on eBay, having to admit to his misuse of public funds for personal gain.

Initially facing a slew of serious charges including corrupt business influence, theft, and official misconduct, Green opted for a plea deal in April 2024. This decision led to his admission of guilt to a single count of theft, resulting in the dismissal of all other charges against him. As part of the plea agreement, Green was required to make full restitution amounting to $275,628, with $100,000 allocated to a bond company and the remaining $175,628 earmarked for the city’s coffers.

In a dramatic turn of events, Green received his sentencing on a somber Monday, where the court decreed that he would spend the initial year of his three-year term either behind bars or on a work release program, followed by two years of probation. This case has not only tarnished the reputation of the former superintendent but has also shed light on the lax financial oversight within Columbia City’s Parks and Recreation Department, prompting a dire need for stringent controls and checks to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.


Panini’s Tribute to Jannik Sinner: World No. 1 Collection

In a move that reverberated through the tennis world, Panini, the renowned collectibles company, narrated a tale of collaboration and celebration on June 10, 2024. Nestled in Modena, Italy, the birthplace of their partnership, Panini and Jannik Sinner debuted an extraordinary collection, marking a monumental chapter in the history of Italian tennis.

Elevating Sinner to a pedestal never before reached by an Italian tennis prodigy, this collaboration dissected the boundaries of traditional sports memorabilia. Wielding a diverse array of collectibles, ranging from timeless trading cards and coveted autographed memorabilia to exclusive game gear and digital delights, Panini delved deep into Sinner’s remarkable journey.

The symphony that is the Panini-Sinner partnership first struck chords back in 2022 with the unveiling of “Piccoli grandi campioni – Manuale illustrato del tennis di Jannik Sinner” (Young Great Champions – Jannik Sinner’s Illustrated Tennis Manual) by Panini Comics. This literary masterpiece not only decoded the intricacies of tennis techniques but also unraveled the tapestry of anecdotes from Sinner’s nascent days in the sport.

A whimsical highlight in this collaboration’s repertoire was the whimsical transformation of Sinner into a “duckified” avatar christened as “Quacknik Spinner” on the cover of Topolino magazine. Making waves in May 2024, this quirky iteration injected a playful charm into Sinner’s illustrious trajectory.

Basking in the spotlight cast by this extraordinary partnership, Sinner couldn’t contain his joy. A nostalgic twinkle in his eye painted memories of yesteryears spent collecting Panini stickers and poring over their comic strips. He radiated boundless enthusiasm for the avenue this collaboration paved to forge deeper connections with his fans through the innovative products birthed by Panini.

The chronicles of this collaboration unfurl with the unveiling of the Panini Instant trading card, a sanctified relic celebrating Sinner’s coronation as the supreme ruler of the ATP rankings. Exclusively hosted on the Panini America platform, this gem offers enthusiasts a golden ticket to bask in Sinner’s glory.

As the curtains rise on this saga, Panini sets the stage for a grand spectacle. Teasing an upcoming series of trading card collections dedicated to venerating Sinner’s legacy, the promise of engaging tales woven within rare memorabilia and limited-edition cards beckons aficionados worldwide. With distribution channels spanning Panini’s expansive e-commerce network and select retail arenas, the treasures within these collections are poised to captivate audiences far and wide.

As the clock ticks on the horizon of 2024 and beyond, the harmonious symphony between Panini and Jannik Sinner continues to crescendo, promising a tapestry of releases that will etch Sinner’s name indelibly in the annals of tennis history.


Emmitt Smith Sneaker and Card Collection Unveiled in Boston

On June 10, 2024, the city of Boston buzzed with excitement as Reebok and Panini America introduced their latest collaborative venture – a one-of-a-kind collection paying tribute to the legendary Emmitt Smith. This innovative collaboration combines specialized sneakers and exclusive sports cards, building on the success of their previous partnership that merged iconic footwear with the allure of collectible trading cards under the popular Prizm brand. The collection showcases updated versions of the classic “Preseason ’94” and Smith’s iconic “ES22,” along with a range of “Preseason” apparel priced between $40 and $80.

The seeds of the partnership between Emmitt Smith and Reebok were planted in 1993, as Smith became the face of Reebok’s “Preseason” line of turf shoes. The collaboration bloomed in 1996 with the launch of Smith’s own signature model, the ES22, distinguished by its innovative design tailored to Smith’s exceptional athletic abilities. In 2009, the bond between Smith and Reebok extended to Panini America, coinciding with the introduction of the acclaimed “Prizm” sports card brand in 2012, renowned for its shiny opti-chrome finish and sought-after collectible inserts.

The collection boasts three distinct sneaker designs that integrate elements from the beloved Prizm card series:

1. Preseason ’94 Low “Purple Prizm”: Priced at $120, this iteration features a purple, white, and black color scheme with a leather upper and Prizm-inspired accents.

2. Preseason ’94 “Gold Prizm”: Available for $140, this model showcases a striking gold aesthetic, with premium enhancements mirroring Panini’s Gold Prizm cards.

3. ES22 “Color Blast”: At $200, this patent leather version in white dazzles with a vibrant midsole and intricate Prizm detailing, drawing inspiration from Panini’s exclusive “Color Blast” cards.

Moreover, for each purchase of the “ES22 Color Blast” model, a special edition Emmitt Smith trading card crafted by Panini x Reebok will be included, featuring designs commemorating Smith’s illustrious career and a variety of rare card parallels.

The unique “Reebok x Panini Prizm Preseason” collection, blending sports heritage and contemporary collectibility, will be available globally starting June 14, 2024, on and select retailers. This release follows the resounding success of their inaugural collaboration with basketball luminary Allen Iverson in 2022.

The collection extends beyond sneakers and trading cards to include a variety of base, inserts, and special promos, each presenting a distinct design and value, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail dedicated to honoring Emmitt Smith’s legacy in sports and collectibles.


Exciting 2024 Topps Tier One Baseball Collection Unveiled

The 2024 Topps Tier One Baseball collection is creating a buzz among enthusiasts with its extravagant array of memorabilia and autographs. This collection stands out for its elaborate design that clearly required a massive collaborative effort to curate. The 2024 release introduces a fresh aesthetic to the long-loved brand, embracing a traditional box format that houses a single pack boasting four cards. In each pack, collectors can look forward to finding two autographs, one memorabilia card, and either a base card or a base parallel.

Surprisingly, the 2024 Topps Tier One series has added base cards to its repertoire. This set is concise, comprising 100 cards divided into three tiers. These tiers are segregated among 20 retired legends, 50 current players, and 30 rookies, with selected cards also available in autographed forms, enriching their appeal to collectors.

One of the most impressive features of this series is the diverse range of autographed subsets included. It encompasses a blend of current and retired players featured in categories like Prime Performers, Breakout Stars, Next Level, and more. Notably, the Clear One subset offers a unique twist with dual versions, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the collection.

Moreover, the memorabilia section of the Topps Tier One series is equally captivating. It showcases a wide selection of relic cards, including die-cut versions reminiscent of the Topps Triple Threads series. These relic cards feature fascinating items such as bat barrels and large patches, adding a premium touch to the collection.

With a robust checklist and varied odds for different pulls, the 2024 Topps Tier One set is anticipated to make a significant impact in the collector’s market. The series generated immense interest during a brief pre-sale on, culminating in a quick sell-out. Fans can mark their calendars for the official launch scheduled on July 3, promising an exciting unveiling of this exceptional collection.

The 2024 Topps Tier One Baseball cards collection promises a concise yet valuable addition to any collector’s portfolio. Here’s a breakdown of what collectors can expect from the set:

– Cards Per Pack: Hobby – 4

– Packs Per Box: Hobby – 1

– Boxes Per Case: Hobby – 12

– Set Size: 100 cards

– Release Date (subject to change): July 3, 2024

– Autographs – 2

– Memorabilia Cards – 1

– Base Cards or Parallels – 1 Total

The Base Set Checklist comprises 100 cards spread across three tiers. Let’s delve into the details of each tier and their corresponding parallels:

Tier 1 Parallels:

– Silver Foil

– Purple Foil

– Red Foil

– Holo Gold Foil

– Holo Silver Foil

– Pink Foil

– Printing Plates

– Holo Platinum Blue Foil

Tier 2 Parallels:

– Bronze Foil

– Silver Foil

– Purple Foil

– Blue Foil

– Red Foil

– Holo Gold Foil

– Holo Silver Foil

– Pink Foil

– Printing Plates

– Holo Platinum Blue Foil

Tier 3 Parallels:

– Bronze Foil

– Blue Foil

– Green Foil

– Red Foil

– Holo Gold Foil

– Holo Silver Foil

– Pink Foil

– Printing Plates

– Holo Platinum Blue Foil

The alluring lineup of players featuring in each tier includes a mix of iconic legends and promising rookies, making this collection a must-have for avid collectors. The 2024 Topps Tier One Baseball series promises a captivating and enriching experience for fans of the sport and card collecting alike.


“Legend’s Attic”: Orel Hershiser’s New Sports Museum and Collectibles Store Opens in Claremont

Across the sunny streets of Claremont, California, a new haven for sports aficionados has emerged. “Legend’s Attic,” owned by the renowned MLB pitcher Orel Hershiser, unveils a fusion of museum, art gallery, and collectibles store. Nestled at 619 W. Foothill Blvd., Claremont, CA, this vibrant space welcomes visitors from Tuesday to Saturday, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., without any admission fee.

The heart of Legend’s Attic beats with a myriad of attractions. Experience a close encounter with Hershiser’s prized possessions, such as the majestic 1988 World Series trophy and the revered Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Award. The museum transforms into an artistic sanctuary with the works of renowned sports artist Dave Hobrecht. Delight in “Grace,” a masterpiece depicting Jackie Robinson amidst other historical icons.

Delve deeper into the halls of Legend’s Attic to discover themed rooms that pay homage to sporting legends. The Dodgers Room narrates tales of Dodgers and baseball through a treasure trove of memorabilia. On the other hand, the Lakers Room commemorates luminaries like Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Admire the Helmet Room adorned with signed football helmets from NFL greats, and immerse yourself in nostalgia at the Arcade Room equipped with classic sports video games.

The Artists’ Room hosts a collection of artworks capturing iconic figures like Vince Lombardi and Tiger Woods, showcasing the eternal connection between sports and art. At the Collector’s Corner, sports card enthusiasts find solace, engaging in trading and expanding their collections amidst a backdrop of camaraderie and passion.

Orel Hershiser’s legacy extends beyond the baseball diamond, venturing into the annals of sports history through Legend’s Attic. This unique concept heralds from Hershiser’s aspiration to share his personal journey and the broader tapestry of sports heritage with fans and collectors alike. More than a museum, Legend’s Attic evolves into a dynamic community hub, fostering a space where sports aficionados convene to relive timeless moments, celebrate sports culture, and enrich their memorabilia collections.

Embrace the spirit of sportsmanship and history at Legend’s Attic. Drop by to witness an array of exhibits, partake in special events, and bask in the allure of sports lore. For additional information on upcoming showcases and happenings, navigate through the Legend’s Attic website at or connect directly with the venue for a deeper dive into the realm of sports memorabilia and art.