Whatnot Unveils New Extended Auctions for High-End Items

In a move that seamlessly combines modern e-commerce with a dash of the traditional, popular live-streaming platform, Whatnot is giving its lightning-fast auction format a robust new make-over. Known for its adrenaline-pumping auctions that conclude in less than five seconds, the platform is now morphing to accommodate a more leisurely pace. Sellers can now choose to list items for up to seven days, a titanic shift from the fleeting instants that once constrained the auction’s lens. This change has been tailored to better facilitate the sales of single, high-value cards – of both the modern and vintage variety.

But that’s not all. Playing the role of an astute host, the platform now provides sellers the opportunity to pin these elongated auctions within their live shows. A treasure beckoning amidst the thrill of a live event – the high-value items gain pronounced visibility and create a ripe opportunity for engagement with potential buyers. In other words, you can now flap your auctioneer’s gavel more than once for the same item during your broadcast, tagging the item along for the ride through the course of your episode.

By offering more than just a glimpse, the new format facilitates a deeper delve into the bidding process with a hearty dash of interaction. Bidders get the chance to ponder their purchase, unlike Whatnot’s usual quick-fire format that demands hasty choices. It’s a stretch of time that feels luxuriously long, a nod, perhaps, to the traditional auction house, where bidding wars simmer and brew over extended periods.

Yet, don’t be fooled into thinking this is a regression. Whatnot is not abandoning its fast-paced roots but reimagining them. The bids will still fly; the excitement won’t wane; the chat will continue to buzz, but the pace will now welcome a broader scope of participants – both bidders and auctioneers. The twist of this strategic transition is in the balance it strikes. On the one hand, it powers the ever-dynamic, interactive nature of live-streaming. On the other, it gives a nod to the convention of a traditional auction’s courtesy. Marrying the vintage charm with modern digital spryness.

As the narrative unfolds, this broadened format is expected to sincerely attract both serious collectors and curious novices. Especially those keen on acquiring or offloading unique, higher-priced items. It is a move poised to potentially increase the platform’s active user base and engagement levels, thereby holistically catering to the particular needs of that niche of sellers who prefer a leisurely auction tempo. With their innovative extended auction format, Whatnot appears to have adeptly married the old and the new, a lineage that traces back to the dawn of commerce and the edge of tomorrow.


RMY Auctions Unveils Trove of Historical Photographs

Sports, news and entertainment history come alive as RMY Auctions unfurls its latest array of historical photographs for its compelling May auction. Bringing together over nine hundred pieces, the event displays unseen glimpses into pivotal moments and personalities from the last century. For the baseball enthusiast, there’s a significant opportunity to own a piece of Major League Baseball history – a 1948 black and white photograph of Satchel Paige and Bob Feller, two sensational craftsmen of the game.

What makes the 7 x 8 ¾” image truly significant is that it was used to craft the most coveted Satchel Paige rookie card. Issued by Leaf in 1949, this card marked Paige’s groundbreaking transition from the Negro Leagues to Major League Baseball with Cleveland. Undeniably, this photograph is a remarkable reminder of a monumental milestone in sports history.

The auction catalog doesn’t stop there. Included is an original Type I photograph of Paige lasting his time with the Kansas City Monarchs, a rare and splendid find that animates the legacy of the legendary pitcher. But the auction’s reach extends beyond the realm of baseball. As part of its collection, a 1910 silver gelatin image of Jim Thorpe at 23, taken by George Grantham Bain, adds another layer of historical depth.

In this treasure trove of the past, other gems shine. One is a 1905 PC782 Rotograph real photo postcard of Jack Chesbro, a superstar in early 20th-century baseball, never introduced in the market before. Plus, a 1934 image of Carl Hubbell prompts nostalgia for his Diamond Stars baseball card from 1933-36.

Moments of triumph adorn this collection as well. There are captivating snapshots of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, like Ruth’s unforgettable inaugural season with the Yankees in 1920, and an electrifying scene from the 1928 World Series. Imagine owning a piece of that excitement!

Contemporary collectors aren’t left behind. You’ll find a 1972 image of Roberto Clemente making his 3,000th career hit, a triumphantly frozen moment in time. A photographic proof of Wilt Chamberlain’s record-setting accomplishment of scoring his 100th point in a single game is also up for grabs. Besides, the catalog includes electric moments captured from Michael Jordan’s peak NBA years by Chicago area photographers.

Adding a touch of quirk to this ensemble are extraordinary items like a picture of Joe DiMaggio in the Yankees’ clubhouse and Ted Williams amusingly riding a zebra. Evidently, RMY Auctions’ collection spans a panoramic view of the 20th century, appealing not just to memorabilia collectors but also catering to avid photography enthusiasts. Currently in progress, the auction invites final bids until May 11. Don’t miss your chance to become part of the ongoing narratives of these legendary moments.


Fanatics/Topps Charts Dynamic Course for Diverse Sports Card Releases

Buckle up, sports enthusiasts. Fanatics/Topps is charging full speed towards a new era of sporting magnificence and collector delight. With a blueprint to harness the upcoming NBA and NFL licenses acquisition, the company continues to flex its creative muscles, churning out a plethora of sports card editions. Their recent Industry Conference in Atlanta was a carnival of ambitions, laying bare their roadmap for the coming years relevant to basketball, football, UFC, soccer, and Formula 1 collectibles.

The basketball domain is set to witness a rebirth of sorts with the return of the celebrated Topps Chrome edition, the first of its kind since the 2009-10 season. Collectors should stand ready for potential dance of joy as the much-anticipated return is already making waves with the supposed availability of an autographed card from NBA rookie marvel, Victor Wembanyama. Fanatics/Topps is upping the ante with exclusive autograph contracts from glittering stars, including Wembanyama, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kevin Durant. Savvy collectors will have their hands full with upcoming basketball product lines, encompassing the Midnight Cosmic, Chrome Finest, Motif, Royalty Collection, Collegiate Chrome, and Bowman U Chrome cards.

In the football arena, Fanatics/Topps aims for diversification by orchestrating its products mostly around college themes. This is a savvy strategic manoeuvre keeping the impending NFL licence at bay until 2026. The soon-to-come football releases are set to feature Motif, Composite, Collegiate Chrome, Collegiate Royalty, Bowman U Chrome and Bowman U Best collections, with a predicted launch window in the third quarter of 2024.

Soccer’s magic is also getting intensified in the form of the Champions League Dynasty product, boasting on-card autographs and match-worn gear. In an unprecedented move that will surely bring joy to many, Fanatics/Topps is introducing patch autographs in a women’s Champions League product. ‘The Grail’ inserts, an all-expense-paid trip to the 2024-25 Champions League Final and the exclusive 1/1 MLS Debut Patches will all be making an appearance across six different soccer products.

In terms of UFC, the genteel art of fighting gets a new lease of life with Fanatics/Topps now donning the UFC licensing mantle. UFC fans will be treated to the exuberant return of the Finest series coupled with premium offerings, including Royal, UFC Midnight, Knockout, and Gold Label products.

Lastly, the F1 lineup from Fanatics/Topps is set to get supercharged with introductions like Paddock Pass, resembling the Stadium Club series but with chrome cards. Other releases containing Topps Chrome Finest, Dynasty and Michael Schumacher cut signatures will add to the delights.

Fanatics/Topps, with its eclectic and audacious game plan, reiterates its commitment towards creating a fuller and a more enriching sports card collecting experience. It appears that fans and collectors can certainly look forward to exhilarating times, with a buffet of vibrant sports card releases coming their way.


Netflix and Goldin Auctions Triumph in Copyright Case

Netflix can breathe easy, as can Goldin Auctions and the minds behind “King of Collectibles.” A copyright lawsuit initiated against them has been thrown out by a federal judge. The disgruntled plaintiff, reality TV alumnus Gervase Peterson, saw a bit too much of his 2019 pitch, “The Goldin Boys,” in the Netflix-acquired show.

Peterson’s major gripe revolved around the eerie resemblance that he purportedly perceived between his original concept and the reality show, which just debuted its second season. Having briefly engaged with Peterson, all communication mysteriously dried up around the middle of 2020. Soon after this silence, a production eerily similar to Peterson’s concept reportedly went into the works. Talk about shades of grey!

In the defendants’ corner, their defense focused on the argument that the disputed reality show was merely a reflection of Goldin Auctions’ daily operations and its founder, Ken Goldin’s personal life. They held their ground stating that the reality show embodied generic themes that the Copyright Act does not protect.

Christine O’Hearn, the New Jersey federal district court’s judge, was all aboard with this perspective. Peterson’s claimed ‘protectable elements’ were no more than scènes à faire in the eyes of the law. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, scènes à faire refers to typical scenes or themes that are so common to a genre that they cannot enjoy copyright protection. Judge O’Hearn underscored this point, noting that ordinary day-to-day operations like those shown on “King of Collectibles” are classic reality TV fodder.

And there’s more — Judge O’Hearn pointed out that previous similar cases have established that real-life subjects and standard reality show elements simply don’t cut the copyright mustard. Her dismissal of Peterson’s case sticks a firm pin in the inflated notion that broad, common reality TV themes and concepts can be copyrighted.

In an ironic twist of fate, “King of Collectibles,” the upstart show that supposedly poached Peterson’s “golden goose,” comfortably jumped the legal fence and even landed a prestigious Emmy nomination. Clearly, not all that glitters is Goldin (pun much intended) — especially in the whirlwind world of reality TV, where one man’s pitch can easily become another’s popular series. With this case being judiciously dismissed, perhaps aspiring reality TV creators will think twice before crying wolf — or, in this case, copyright infringement.


Early May 2024’s Sports Card Releases Stir Excitement

As we step into the bright crisp days of early May 2024, a heartening buzz is reverberating throughout the sports card market. This clamor compliments the anticipated cascade of card releases spanning a copious range of sports like baseball, basketball, golf, and motor racing. Let’s roll out the table and meticulously break down the who’s who and the what’s what of this scintillating spectacle.

On the first stroke of May, the online-exclusive 2024 Topps Heritage Mini Baseball series comes into play. Shaped like a distant echo of the rare 1975 mini-set, this series returns with a knockout 500-card base set in its arsenal. The Hobby variant promises 24 packs per box, each flaunting nine cards and offering up an autograph or relic, and promises to sweeten the deal with a box loader. The headliner act? This set features a historic Juan Soto’s first-ever autograph in a Yankees uniform.

In icy synchronicity with the baseball series, we get the 2022-23 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey/ This hockey card collecting staple skates back onto the scene, with each box containing a single pack of four cards. This special package ensures an autograph, one high-end memorabilia or autograph memorabilia card, an extra memorabilia card, and a base or rookie card. All autographs bear the undisputable authenticity of being on-card. Your online shopping cart is waiting to add a box for approximately $160.

May also brings forward roaring rookie cards of Victor Wembanyama with the 2023-24 Panini Recon Basketball release. Each Hobby box unwraps ten packs that contain six cards each, featuring two autographs and 20 inserts.

Entering the second week of May, we get the 2024 Bowman Baseball. Since its heart-stopping revival in 1989, Bowman remains a flagship brand, now spreading its wings across a multitude of sports. The 2024 edition delivers Hobby boxes tied with a glossy ribbon of one Chrome autographed card while Jumbo boxes wrap up three autographs. Retail boxes offer an exclusive green parallel.

Perfectly timed during the NBA playoffs, the 2023-24 Panini Crown Royale Basketball graces the scenario. Each box is a parcel of revelry, with eight cards including one autograph, one memorabilia card, and two inserts or parallels. The primary showstopper is unarguably the Tim Duncan autographs, offering up boxes priced around $500.

Concurrently, the 2024 Upper Deck SP Game Used Golf and the 2023 Panini National Treasures Racing collections make their debuts, offering up a sumptuous spread for golf and racing aficionados.

As we approach the middle of May, the 2023-24 Panini Select Basketball enters the fray. An essential in Panini’s basketball lineup, Select boxes contain a dozen packs. Each pack typifies a treasure trove: five cards featuring three autographs or memorabilia cards. This release distinguishes itself with its Prizm parallels and rookie cards heavy with memorabilia.

For football enthusiasts, watch out for the looming 2023/24 Donruss Soccer series. Although the details about box configurations and special features are still under wraps, the anticipation is fierce.

Be it the traditional sports enthusiasts who prefer baseball and basketball or those seeking a little distinctive assortment like golf and motor racing, the early May card release schedule is a labyrinth of choices. Whether you are planning to diversify or enrich your collection, these exhilarating upcoming releases are certain to compel any collector’s interest.

And so fares the first half of May 2024, swelling with dazzling sports card releases. Stand-out highlights such as Juan Soto’s debut Yankees autograph in the Topps Heritage Mini set and Tim Duncan’s sought-after autographs in the Panini Crown Royale are sure to animate collectors. Each day spirals into an adventure that is eager to unfurl exciting revelations with each flip of a card pack.


Fanatics Get KPMG For Topps Card Distribution Audit

Card collectors rejoice! Fanatics and Topps have brought in an undeniable pinch hitter to break the long-standing speculation about their card distribution. They’ve gotten the renowned audit firm, KPMG, to test the waters — or rather, tear open the packs — in a bid to shed light on the integrity of their trading card distribution. Transparency in pack busting never looked so good.

During the Industry Conference in good ol’ Atlanta, Mike Mahan, CEO of Fanatics Collectibles, stepped up to the plate and announced that KPMG had given their seal of approval on the company’s procedures. Fanatics and Topps are clear of any allegations — high-value cards aren’t intentionally earmarked for specific customers.

Rumors have swirled like a perfect spin in the collector community with some speculating about large-volume customers or prominent card breakers being favored by Fanatics/Topps. Fueling the rumors, videos on social media showing breakers pulling out multiple high-value cards didn’t help dispel concerns about the randomness. But fear not, card enthusiasts! Greg Abovsky, CFO of Fanatics Collectibles, was quick to add a reality check to the debate. Abovsky pointed out that it’s a simple game of probability; high-value pulls are more likely for major breakers due to the large volume they handle.

The auditors from KPMG paid a visit to the Texas printing facility. Peering behind the scenes, they carried out a comprehensive check of the collation process and poured over the production logs. No stone was left unturned or rather no card was left unscrutinized. Confirming the randomness of card distribution, KPMG’s findings lend weight to Topps’ claims. Fanatics have taken a step that is a first in many ways in this industry, aiming to bust myths and confirm the integrity of their distribution process to bolster the trust of the collector community.

Addressing another long-standing suspicion, Abovsky tackled the rumor head-on. He clarified that Fanatics have never specifically stocked boxes with valuable cards for promotional reasons. It seems Fanatics is steadfast in their commitment to shake off rumors and illuminate their practices with unwavering transparency.

In an invigorating display of their dedication to fairness, Fanatics are keen on making the randomness audit a yearly tradition. Committing to annual checks, they’re setting a new standard in the world of trading cards. Anyone suspecting trickery might have to rethink and shuffle their deck of doubts.

In an industry woven with speculation and suspicions, Fanatics’ move to engage KPMG for an independent audit is a game changer. A guarantee of transparency and fairness in card distribution might just be the trump card they need to keep the trust of their collector community. It’s a new tale in this deck of cards, where a bid for transparency could turn up trumps for this pack-busting industry.


WNBA Starlet Caitlin Clark Trading Frenzy Boosts Panini’s Profile

As a wave of nostalgia and anticipation sweeps through the globe, Panini America, the world leader in licensed sports and entertainment collectibles, has seen a massive spike in demand on its website, courtesy of the WNBA’s young sensation Caitlin Clark’s trading card debut. The 2023 Bowman Chrome Platinum Anniversary Baseball collection has certainly caught the eye of collectors, sports enthusiasts, and casual investors alike. The buzz surrounding the grand presentation of its 500-card base set is pretty palpable. The collection includes an impressive array of retired players, emerging talent and contemporary stars, confidently bearing the 2023 brand, indifferent to the incessant whispers about 2024.

When you crack open a box, prepare to be greeted by 96 cards, including an autographed one. A closer look will reveal 24 neatly packed groups, each carrying four cards, making a case home to 12 boxes. But the surprises don’t stop here.

Peel off another layer, and you’ll find six Refractors with numbers as high as 499, plus an X-Fractor. The series offers a colorful palette of parallel cards, assembled thoughtfully to entice the discerning collector with options like Blue Mini-Diamond, Speckle, and an intriguing variety of Platinum Toile shades. You’ll encounter numbered cards ranging from exclusive 1/1 SuperFractors to 199. Some slots, particularly those numbered lower, are case hits, serving to intensify their exclusivity and charm. The parallel cards fun doesn’t stop at the pack’s surface, though. They extend their refracting rainbow right down to the autographed cards, ensuring the thrill of the chase for the extraordinary remains unabated.

Every ten cases bring the rare joy of Refractor parallel packs, while areas of the base cards may hide image variations, piling on to the intrigue and collectibility.

This dream-like labyrinth of cards is set to flood the market on May 22, promising an immersive journey for collectors. It’s a journey that will transport you through the annals of baseball, while effortlessly situating you in the here and now. It’s a collection that appreciates tradition but isn’t afraid to dream – a testament to Panini’s vision that marries the best of the old with the prospects of the new.


Topps Prolongs Redemption Card Lifeline, Revolutionizes Collecting

One in the eye for toss-and-lose redemption cards! Topps, a renowned sports card issuer, has recently announced that they’re pulling a game-changing move in the collector’s playground. Instead of the dourly short two-year period of typical redemption card validity, we’re looking at a whopping ten years to cash them in. This strategic play, which kicks in for all sports card releases branded with 2021-2022 and onwards, seeks to tackle the longstanding torment of collectors finding their precious redemption cards from older packs invalidated due to expired autographs.

Delving into the bylanes of collecting, redemption cards have always been somewhat of maze runners. These cards play substitutes for the original autographed cards that weren’t available when the packs were assembled, and has often been a bone of contention in the collector circuit. Their value dwindles the moment they expire, leaving disenchantment in their wake. With Topps deciding to give these cards a lifespan of a decade, it’s like adding a life-jacket to the sinking ship of card value. Using a helpful point of reference, imagine cards issued in 2022; instead of petering into nothingness by 2024, these would hold their ground till 2032.

Not solely a move fostering longevity, Topps’ decision also serves to bubble-wrap the market value of products for a significant while. It further provides collectors a lifeline to redeem their autographed cards without the pressure of a rapidly diminishing deadline, thereby ensuring a less hurried, more fulfilling collector’s journey.

Of course, the true impact of this refreshing policy rides on Topps’ own capacity to deliver what they’ve promised on these cards: the coveted autographs. In the tumultuous track of history, securing these autographs has been a steeplechase event of its own, marred by time-consuming negotiations over compensating the athletes. However, glimmers of optimism are in sight with Fanatics scoring exclusive licenses from major sports player unions, scheduled to begin in 2025. An anticipated by-product of this lies in a smoother, more streamlined process that can enhance product sales while ushering in benefits for everyone lacing their shoes on the game field.

Another uplifting slice of news is the considerable shrinkage in Topps’ backlog of redemptions – a remarkable plunge from 70,000 to less than 10,000 in just twelve months! This indicates a positive, proactive stride towards dealing with one of the most stubborn operational hurdles in the hobby domain.

While the echoes of this indeed promising policy update continually ripple through the sports and collector industry, one thing is sure – Topps’ move is a fascinating exercise in enhancing collector morale, value, and overall experience in the hobby sphere. It redefines expectations, reshapes the process, and roots for a more player-friendly collecting game. This very update might just be a prelude to the new era of collecting cards and a testament to the company’s commitment to address collectors’ concerns. After all, the real art of collecting is not just about piling up the cards but cherishing the thrill and journey of the game.


Polo Grounds to Your Pocket: Bowman’s 2023 Gem Series

As the warm embrace of Spring touches down across the country, a new excitement stirs in the world of baseball – but it’s not coming from the dugout. Rather, it leads us to the considerably less sweaty and refreshingly chill atmosphere of the hobby shop. Enter the behemoth of the card-collecting domain, Bowman, back with a new release of their legendary Chrome Platinum Anniversary Baseball series, providing an irresistible mix of yesteryear charm and the thrill of the latest trends in card collecting.

While for some, baseball cards are just colorful cardboard, collectors see priceless pieces of history. Keeping this in mind, the 2023 edition of Bowman’s Chrome Platinum Anniversary Baseball series serves up a rich roster of 500 cards. It’s like a walk down memory lane with a steely modern edge. A box? Oh, it’s nothing less than an archaeological dig of baseball legends, with every pack offering a delectable assortment of 96 cards, including a guaranteed never-seen-before autograph.

Every box of the 2023 edition invokes the feeling of rummaging through a treasure chest, with their 24 packs each housing four unique cards. With 12 boxes encased in a single case, one can only imagine the joy of uncovering one gem after another. But what truly sets the heart racing are the autographs and the Refractors. Yes, you heard right, each box boasts six Refractors, some of which are numbered as low as 499. Have you found a rare X-Fractor yet? Happy hunting!

Every passionate collector knows the thrill of digging for that one extraordinary find. In this case, it’s a captivating variety of Refractor parallels to chase through card forests, with the Blue Mini-Diamond and Speckle illuminating the trails. If you are lucky, you might stumble upon a special Platinum Toile variant! These limited-edition cards, as elusive as a perfect game pitched in the ninth inning, reveal numbers as exclusive as 1/1 for the SuperFractors.

The depth of richness doesn’t stop there, for there are even more elements of rarity to uncover. Keep an eye out for specialized Refractor parallel packs, considered a hot-ticket item and available only once in every ten cases—a true collector’s white whale. And don’t blink, or you might miss the potential image variations of the base cards that are hidden throughout the series. Even the autographs aren’t basic in this incredible collection. They come complete with their very own parallel versions that remark the unique design and exclusivity of the base card parallels—an item highly prized amongst connoisseurs of card collections.

Mark May 22 on your calendars, collectors. For the grand release of the 2023 Bowman Chrome Platinum Anniversary Baseball series is fast approaching. A blending of nostalgia and the youthful vigor of modern-day baseball card collecting, this series is sure to hit it out of the park with collectors. Whether you are the casual card fan or the fervent collector, this series is your front-row ticket to the world of baseball history, preserved in sparkling chrome and Platinum. As they say in the card-collecting world, “May your pulls be rare and your autographs plenty!”