NSCC Charity Auction Benefits Cleveland Charities in 2024

The 44th National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC) sparkles with excitement as it gears up for a special charity auction to be held during the 2024 event, with all proceeds benefiting three Cleveland area charities. Hosted by Pristine Auction, the auction will kick off on July 20, 2024, and run through July 27, 2024. Bidders can participate through a designated link, with select items also on display at the convention.

The auction boasts 44 exclusive items, each more enticing than the last. Among the highlights are two original paintings by renowned sports artists, with each painting estimated to be valued between $10,000 to $15,000. These unique pieces are sure to captivate sports enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The charity auction features a wide array of items, from signed sports memorabilia to exclusive artworks. A Mickey Mantle signed baseball, a LeBron James portrait painting, and a rare 1955 Bowman Mantle SGC 3 card are just a few of the standout items up for auction. Sports legends such as Bird, Magic, Jordan, Namath, and Babe Ruth make appearances through their iconic collectibles, adding an air of prestige to the event.

But it’s not just sports memorabilia that takes the spotlight at this auction. Music lovers will find delight in Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi signed framed cuts, while art aficionados can bid on a Roberto Clemente lithograph. The auction bridges various interests, ensuring there is something for everyone to bid on and treasure.

Contributing to this noble cause are the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Inc., and The City Mission, two impactful local charities working tirelessly to support the Cleveland community. The Greater Cleveland Food Bank focuses on providing nutritious food to those in need, aiming to bridge the meal gap and empower individuals through education and support. Meanwhile, The City Mission aids individuals facing homelessness by offering tailored programs to help them build stable futures.

The NSCC expresses its gratitude for the generous support received for this charity auction. Through the collective effort of bidders, collectors, and sports enthusiasts, the event aims to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need within the Cleveland community.

As the 2024 National Sports Collectors Convention draws nearer, the anticipation for the charity auction builds. An opportunity to acquire exclusive memorabilia while contributing to meaningful causes, the event embodies the spirit of giving back and sharing the love for sports collectibles. Join the NSCC in making a difference and celebrating the joy of sports memorabilia at the upcoming convention.