Heritage Icons Photography Auction Showcases Signed Mikan Rookie Card Photo

Heritage Auctions has unveiled an exciting lineup of autographed photographs in its Icons Photography Auction. One of the most prominent pieces up for grabs is a 1948 photo of basketball star George Mikan, matching his 1948 Bowman rookie card. This 8×10 Type 1 photo captures Mikan in action and is adorned with his signature in blue ink, with an estimated value exceeding $20,000.

The theme of signed vintage photos continues throughout the auction, with a late 1940s photo of Cleveland Browns legend Otto Graham, identical to his 1950 Bowman Football rookie card, also featuring his signature. Another standout item is an autographed 1949 photo of Jackie Robinson receiving his Silver Bat for winning the NL batting title, a year when he was crowned MVP. This Type I photo, personalized to “Jeff,” holds particular historical significance.

Furthermore, a 1957 photo of Robinson bidding farewell to his locker at Ebbets Field upon retiring from baseball is featured, showcasing his Dodgers cap, home jersey, fielder’s glove, cleats, and equipment bag. Two bats in the background, one belonging to Gil Hodges, add to the allure of this piece, expected to attract bids exceeding $10,000.

Among the notable offerings is a photo believed to be the one used for Willie Mays’ 1952 Topps card, featuring Mays’ signature from the 1990s on the front.

The auction catalog encompasses over 150 vintage images, with some dating back over a century. Noteworthy is a photo from the 1919 World Series showing Black Sox pitcher Eddie Cicotte and Reds’ starter Dutch Reuther shaking hands before the infamous game at Redland Field in Cincinnati. This image, complete with the original paper caption and stamps on the back, is set to commence bidding at $8,000.

In addition to these standout pieces, the auction includes rookie photos of sports legends such as Hank Aaron (1954), Jack Nicklaus (1962), and Pete Maravich (1970). Various images of iconic figures like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and other pre-war sports stars are also highlighted in this diverse collection.

With a rich array of sports history captured through photography, the auction is scheduled to run until June 13, offering a remarkable chance for collectors and sports enthusiasts to acquire a piece of heritage from the iconic world of sports.