Rare Bowman Tom Brady 1/1 Superfractor Baseball Card Hits Market at Goldin

A rare and highly sought-after Bowman Chrome Tom Brady 1/1 Superfractor baseball card has made its way to the market after being pulled from a pack of 2023 Bowman Chrome cards. This unique card, which features a young Tom Brady in a Montreal Expos uniform, was released by Topps on December 12 and has been consigned to Goldin Co. where it is currently up for bid in a stand-alone auction.

The 2023 Bowman Chrome set, which includes a total of 81 Tom Brady cards, offers collectors a range of autograph cards and Refractors. Among the highlights of the set are the 1/1 Superfractor and the 1/1 autographed Superfractor. To celebrate the launch, Topps released videos showcasing Brady alongside baseball greats like Pedro Martinez, Vlad Guerrero Sr., and Larry Walker. However, it is the 1/1 Superfractor that has collectors especially excited, particularly those who are fans of the NFL legend and seven-time Super Bowl champion.

Ken Goldin, the founder and CEO of Goldin, emphasized the rarity and value of this Superfractor, describing it as “one in a million” and a must-have for any serious Tom Brady collector. With its unique design and the fact that it is a true 1-of-1 card, Goldin estimates that the autographed Superfractor could potentially fetch more than $250,000 at auction. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own such a special Tom Brady rookie card is open for bids until January 13.

The Tom Brady 1/1 Superfractor captures the young quarterback in a Montreal Expos uniform, representing the team that drafted him in the 1995 MLB Draft. This unique connection to Brady’s early days in sports adds an extra layer of significance to the card, making it even more appealing to collectors. The card’s design and use of the Expos uniform not only pay homage to Brady’s baseball roots but also provide a glimpse into what could have been if he had chosen a career in baseball instead of football.

As the auction for this rare Tom Brady card continues, collectors and sports enthusiasts are eagerly watching to see who will secure this one-of-a-kind treasure. The combination of Brady’s superstar status, the rarity of the Superfractor, and the connection to his baseball beginnings make this card a true gem for any serious collector. With the bidding open until January 13, the excitement and anticipation surrounding the final selling price continue to build.

In conclusion, the Bowman Chrome Tom Brady 1/1 Superfractor baseball card featuring a young Brady in a Montreal Expos uniform is making waves in the collecting world. This unique card has found its way to the market after being pulled from a pack of 2023 Bowman Chrome cards and has been consigned to Goldin Co. for auction. With its rarity, connection to Brady’s baseball past, and estimated value of over $250,000, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is attracting the attention of collectors and fans alike.