New Insurance Shields Canadian Sports Memorabilia Enthusiasts

In a move that’s making waves across the frosty north, Canadian sports memorabilia aficionados have just been thrown a lifeline in the form of bubble wrap and bureaucracy. NFP, a titan in the property and casualty game, has teamed up with Berkley Asset Protection to roll out a shiny new insurance program. This ain’t your grandma’s homeowner’s policy—this is an iron-clad promise to protect your signed Gretzky jerseys and pristine Conacher rookie cards.

With crime-solving intensity, Greg Dunn, Managing Director of Personal Risk at NFP in Canada, notes that until now, the biggest peril facing collectors wasn’t just spilling poutine gravy on their vintage hockey cards. The real issue was a ghastly gap in coverage leaving many high-value acquisitions dangerously exposed to risk. Picture this: You snag a mint-condition Shutt helmet at auction—only to have it treated by your insurance like a secondhand snorkel set.

The new program plugs these holes faster than a goalie during a shootout. It includes automatic cozy blankets of coverage for new treasures and even safeguards collectibles that are on the move. Imagine that—your newly acquired Joe Carter-signed baseball is protected before it even crosses your threshold.

Olivia Cinqmars-Viau, who wields the lofty title of AVP of fine art underwriting at Berkley Asset Protection, elaborates on the bespoke nature of this offering. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach but rather a tailored tuxedo of protection, stitched precisely for the dimensions of your collection, no matter how eclectic or esoteric.

And it’s not just the insurance geeks and policy wonks who are buzzing. Enter Steve Menzie, president of the Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo. From beneath the brim of his collector’s edition cap, he tips his hat to this innovation. Menzie knows the score: while many collectors view their troves with a sentimental lens, the potential financial loss is as real as a slap shot to the shin. This new shield of insurance is a game-changer, promising to mitigate financial face-offs and put the ‘safe’ back in ‘safekeeping’.

The strategy is clear—a full-ice press to inform and protect. NFP’s Personal Risk team will be lacing up their boots and hitting the ice at Canada’s largest sports collectibles showcase, the Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo in Toronto. From April 25-28, they’ll be weaving through the crowds, ready to break down the Xs and Os of this policy play-by-play.

This jump into memorabilia insurance isn’t just a shot in the dark. NFP is stationed firmly at the red line, backing their new initiative with a vast team; over 1,000 staff in Canada are just part of a global squad boasting more than 8,000 players worldwide. Such depth turns what could be a risky gamble into a calculated strategy. This effort seems not just to score a goal, but to redefine the rulebook on how collectors’ treasures are safeguarded.

Thus, while this program might sound less exciting than the seventh game of a tied Stanley Cup final, its impact could be similarly heart-stopping for those who’ve invested not just funds, but also their hearts into collections that echo with the sounds of triumphant cheers and pucks sliding across the ice. Now, thanks to NFP and Berkley’s collaboration, the heritage and value of these collections can glide a little more safely under the protective glass of fine-tuned insurance policy.