Babe Ruth Dodgers Uniform and Hank Aaron Jersey Shine at Christie’s and Hunt Auctions

A recent auction event held by Christie’s and Hunt Auctions showcased a range of rare and highly sought-after baseball memorabilia. The standout items of the sale included a rare 1938 Babe Ruth Brooklyn Dodgers uniform and a significant 1968 Hank Aaron jersey. The auction, which also featured the Geddy Lee Collection, garnered over $6.8 million in total sales.

The highlight of the auction was the sale of Babe Ruth’s iconic Dodgers road uniform. This piece of baseball history fetched an impressive $882,000, reflecting the enduring popularity of the legendary player. The uniform, worn during Ruth’s time with the Brooklyn Dodgers, holds immense historical significance for baseball enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Another notable item was the 1968 Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves home jersey. This jersey, worn by Aaron when he hit his milestone 500th career home run, garnered significant attention from bidders. The final sale price reached an impressive $567,000, highlighting the enduring legacy of one of baseball’s greatest players.

In addition to these star pieces, the auction also featured a range of other notable items from the Geddy Lee Collection. One standout piece was a single-signed baseball by President Herbert Hoover, which fetched an astonishing $214,200. The item far surpassed its initial estimate of $25,000, showcasing the high value placed on unique and historical artifacts connected to prominent figures.

Another item from the Geddy Lee Collection that attracted attention was a Mickey Mantle-signed baseball with an inscription about Brooks Robinson’s exceptional play at third base. This piece sold for a respectable $30,240, adding to the overall success of the auction.

One of the most distinctive items up for auction was a photograph from the Gladstone Collection. The photograph, captured during the Civil War, featured soldiers posing with baseball equipment. This rare piece of history sold for an impressive $113,400, exceeding its initial estimate of $10,000 by a significant margin. The photograph serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring connection between baseball and American culture.

David Hunt, President of Hunt Auctions, expressed his pride in representing these extraordinary collections. The strong sales results not only demonstrated the robust market for historic baseball memorabilia but also emphasized the high value placed on items from significant private collections. The auction event served as a testament to the enduring legacy of baseball and its ability to capture the imagination and attention of collectors around the world.

In conclusion, the recent auction held by Christie’s and Hunt Auctions proved to be a success, with a rare 1938 Babe Ruth Brooklyn Dodgers uniform and a significant 1968 Hank Aaron jersey fetching impressive prices. The strong sales results across the board showcased the enduring popularity and value of historic baseball memorabilia. Collectors and enthusiasts alike continue to appreciate and value these pieces of sporting history for their significance and connection to the beloved game of baseball.