ISA Highlights 2023’s Top Athlete Card Submissions: Ohtani, Jordan, and Wembanyama Lead the Pack

In the world of sports card grading, ISA continues to assert its authority and leadership in 2023. This year, a captivating trend has emerged regarding card submissions, with Major League Baseball (MLB) sensation Shohei Ohtani leading the pack. Ohtani, who recently signed an astonishing $700 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, has seen a surge in card submissions for grading. His sheer dominance is apparent, as he occupies four spots in the top 10 list of the most graded sports cards of 2023.

While Ohtani reigns supreme, another icon remains a significant figure in the realm of card submissions – none other than basketball legend Michael Jordan. His cards continue to captivate collectors and enthusiasts, earning him a prominent position among the top athletes in card submissions to ISA for 2023.

The list of top athletes in card submissions is a delightful mix of legendary and rising stars. Alongside Ohtani and Jordan, we see baseball prospect Julio Rodriguez, NFL quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow, football icon Tom Brady, the late Kobe Bryant, basketball legend LeBron James, MLB legend Ken Griffey Jr., and the promising French basketball player Victor Wembanyama.

These top submissions of sports cards for 2023 represent a diverse range of talents. Several cards from Ohtani, with his incredible ability both at the plate and on the mound, have caught the attention of collectors. The excitement of his multi-dimensional play has undoubtedly contributed to the surge in card grading submissions.

Moving to the world of football, a couple of quarterbacks have seen remarkable increases in card submissions. Chicago Bears’ rising star Justin Fields has experienced an impressive 119% surge compared to the previous year. Following closely is Jacksonville Jaguars’ quarterback Trevor Lawrence with a 98% increase. These young players’ performances and potential have ignited excitement among fans and collectors alike.

Tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs has also witnessed a notable uptick in card submissions. While his on-field skills are undoubtedly a factor, it’s hard to deny that his high-profile relationship with music superstar Taylor Swift might have added to his card’s popularity.

Rookie cards continue to be in high demand and hotly sought-after in the sports card grading realm. In basketball, rookies Paolo Banchero and Victor Wembanyama have emerged as the top choices for submissions. These young talents are generating anticipation and intrigue, with collectors eager to get their hands on their rookie cards and potentially witness their rise to stardom.

In football, Kenny Pickett and Brock Purdy have taken the spotlight as the most submitted rookie cards. Both players have shown exceptional skills and potential, attracting the attention of collectors who are keen on acquiring their cards.

Baseball, known for its rich tradition and talent production, presents its own burgeoning stars. Among the most submitted rookie cards are those of Elly De La Cruz and Adley Rutschman. These rising talents have caught the eye of collectors, who recognize the potential value their cards hold as these players make their mark in the sport.

At ISA, we are thrilled to continue providing our top-notch grading services for these remarkable sports cards and many others that hold immense value for collectors and enthusiasts. As the sports world evolves, we remain committed to upholding our expertise and serving as a trusted authority in the sports card grading industry.