Joe Namath’s 1965 Rookie Card Photo Sells for Six Figures at Goldin Auction

At a recent Goldin Co. auction, sports memorabilia enthusiasts witnessed an exciting moment as a 1965 Original Type 1 Photo of Joe Namath fetched an impressive $197,640. This iconic photo, famously used for Namath’s rookie card, not only set a new record for Type 1 football photos but also shone a spotlight on the enduring allure of Namath’s legacy in the world of sports collectibles.

The 1965 photo played a vital role in the creation of the highly sought-after Topps Namath rookie card, making it an object of desire in the collecting world. Its remarkable sale price at the November Elite Auction serves as a testament to its significant value and desirability in the realm of sports memorabilia.

While the Namath photo stole the show, the Goldin Co. auction featured several other notable items that captured the attention of passionate collectors. One such item was a 1967 Muhammad Ali/Wilt Chamberlain dual-signed Type 1 photo, depicting the two sports legends during a promotional appearance for the “Wide World of Sports” fight. This photograph, which immortalizes a memorable moment in sports history, sold for $17,080.

Another standout piece was a Michael Jordan 1984-85 rookie year signed Type 1 photo, which also fetched the significant price of $17,080. Jordan’s influence on the world of basketball and his status as one of the greatest players of all time make his memorabilia highly coveted. This particular photo from his rookie year holds immense value and serves as a reminder of his remarkable career.

In addition to these captivating items, a 1994 Tiger Woods Type 1 photo was also included in the auction. This photo marks the year when Woods graduated from high school and became the youngest U.S. Amateur Championship winner. The photo’s significance, combined with Woods’ status as a golfing icon, led to a final sale price of $7,595.

The Goldin Co. auction also featured other remarkable Type 1 photos that garnered attention and bids from avid collectors. One such photo was a Michael Jordan 1988 Playoffs Type 1 photo captured by the New York Times. The image commemorates the moment when Jordan became the first player in NBA playoff history to score back-to-back 50 point games. This iconic photo sold for $6,100, a testament to its historical significance and its ability to evoke nostalgia for basketball fans.

Another fascinating item was a rare 1983 George Brett “Pine Tar Game” Type 1 photo. This photo captured the moment when Brett was restrained from attacking the home-plate umpire after his bat was deemed illegal due to excessive pine tar. The unique nature of this incident, coupled with Brett’s esteemed career, led to a final sale price of $4,574.

Lastly, a 1985 Mike Tyson Sports Illustrated Shoot Type 1 photo stole the attention of boxing enthusiasts. This image captured Tyson in trainer Cus D’Amato’s Catskills gym and gave fans a glimpse into his training regime during that time. The photo’s final sale price of $3,660 is a testament to Tyson’s status as one of the most prominent figures in the boxing world.

Overall, the sales at Goldin Co. not only highlight the rich history of sports photography and memorabilia but also showcase the enduring fascination with moments and figures that have defined various sports eras. The high prices fetched by these iconic photos serve as a reminder of the timeless appeal and value that sports collectibles hold for passionate fans and collectors alike.