Emmitt Smith Sneaker and Card Collection Unveiled in Boston

On June 10, 2024, the city of Boston buzzed with excitement as Reebok and Panini America introduced their latest collaborative venture – a one-of-a-kind collection paying tribute to the legendary Emmitt Smith. This innovative collaboration combines specialized sneakers and exclusive sports cards, building on the success of their previous partnership that merged iconic footwear with the allure of collectible trading cards under the popular Prizm brand. The collection showcases updated versions of the classic “Preseason ’94” and Smith’s iconic “ES22,” along with a range of “Preseason” apparel priced between $40 and $80.

The seeds of the partnership between Emmitt Smith and Reebok were planted in 1993, as Smith became the face of Reebok’s “Preseason” line of turf shoes. The collaboration bloomed in 1996 with the launch of Smith’s own signature model, the ES22, distinguished by its innovative design tailored to Smith’s exceptional athletic abilities. In 2009, the bond between Smith and Reebok extended to Panini America, coinciding with the introduction of the acclaimed “Prizm” sports card brand in 2012, renowned for its shiny opti-chrome finish and sought-after collectible inserts.

The collection boasts three distinct sneaker designs that integrate elements from the beloved Prizm card series:

1. Preseason ’94 Low “Purple Prizm”: Priced at $120, this iteration features a purple, white, and black color scheme with a leather upper and Prizm-inspired accents.

2. Preseason ’94 “Gold Prizm”: Available for $140, this model showcases a striking gold aesthetic, with premium enhancements mirroring Panini’s Gold Prizm cards.

3. ES22 “Color Blast”: At $200, this patent leather version in white dazzles with a vibrant midsole and intricate Prizm detailing, drawing inspiration from Panini’s exclusive “Color Blast” cards.

Moreover, for each purchase of the “ES22 Color Blast” model, a special edition Emmitt Smith trading card crafted by Panini x Reebok will be included, featuring designs commemorating Smith’s illustrious career and a variety of rare card parallels.

The unique “Reebok x Panini Prizm Preseason” collection, blending sports heritage and contemporary collectibility, will be available globally starting June 14, 2024, on Reebok.com and select retailers. This release follows the resounding success of their inaugural collaboration with basketball luminary Allen Iverson in 2022.

The collection extends beyond sneakers and trading cards to include a variety of base, inserts, and special promos, each presenting a distinct design and value, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail dedicated to honoring Emmitt Smith’s legacy in sports and collectibles.