Chiefs’ Super Bowl Victory Fuels Surge in Collectible Memorabilia

In the aftermath of their third Super Bowl win in five years, the Kansas City Chiefs have once again sparked a frenzy in the sports memorabilia market. A wide range of commemorative items celebrating the team’s remarkable achievement have flooded the market. Among the most coveted items are those autographed by star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who, at an impressive 28 years old, led the Chiefs to a thrilling 25-22 victory in Las Vegas, earning his third MVP award in the process.

Fanatics, a leading sports memorabilia retailer, has already listed a Patrick Mahomes signed Super Bowl LVIII football for $1,999, putting it on par with the value of footballs signed by the legendary Tom Brady. In addition to the football, Mahomes is expected to autograph Super Bowl LVIII helmets and mini-helmets, as well as framed photos from the historic game, some of which will also feature the talented tight end, Travis Kelce.

For collectors seeking something truly unique, Fanatics is offering a shadow box that includes autographed footballs by both Mahomes and Kelce, set against a stunning backdrop with details from the game. These exclusive pieces are part of pre-arranged autograph deals, and signing sessions are expected to take place soon. Given their limited availability, these special Super Bowl memorabilia items are anticipated to sell out quickly.

For fans on a budget, there are also more affordable options available. Display pieces featuring confetti from the postgame celebration, as well as a selection of photos and collages showcasing game highlights, provide an affordable way to commemorate the Chiefs’ victory. Additionally, Fanatics is offering a display featuring eight 2023 Donruss Chiefs football cards made by Panini for $49.99, despite the ongoing legal battles between Fanatics and Panini America.

Not to be outdone, Panini America has announced a 36-card boxed set that commemorates the Chiefs’ Super Bowl triumph, a time-honored tradition for champions of the big game. The set includes various cards capturing memorable moments from the game. Additionally, Super Bowl programs, including stadium versions, are available for those looking to preserve a piece of the historic event, with prices averaging around $25.

This wide array of memorabilia, ranging from high-end autographed collectibles to more affordable commemorative items, offers Chiefs fans numerous ways to celebrate their team’s latest Super Bowl success, as well as the outstanding performances of Mahomes, Kelce, and the entire squad. Whether you’re a passionate collector or a devoted fan looking to display your team pride, these commemorative items will undoubtedly become treasured pieces of Chiefs’ history.


Michael Jordan’s Championship Sneakers Sell for Record-Breaking $8 Million

In a monumental event for sports memorabilia, a set of sneakers worn by Michael Jordan during the clinching games of all six of his NBA championships was auctioned for an astounding $8,032,800. The auction, hosted by Sotheby’s, featured The Dynasty Collection, a series of sneakers that not only symbolize Jordan’s unparalleled career but also his lasting legacy in the realm of basketball.

The collection was consigned by a private collector who had acquired these pieces of history from Tim Hallam, the Chicago Bulls’ Public Relations Director during the 1990s. Hallam, who had a unique tradition with Jordan of receiving one of his game-worn sneakers after each Finals victory, played a crucial role in preserving these iconic artifacts. Brahm Wachter of Sotheby’s lauded the auction as a testament to the enduring legacy of “the GOAT,” Michael Jordan, emphasizing the unparalleled significance of The Dynasty Collection in the annals of sports memorabilia.

This auction’s record-breaking sale price is second only to the $10.1 million fetched by a jersey worn by Jordan in the 1998 NBA Finals, underscoring the immense value attributed to items associated with his career. The sneakers, which were displayed at the 2022 National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City, span Jordan’s championship wins from 1991 to 1998, with each shoe autographed by the basketball legend himself.

Sotheby’s dubbed the set The Dynasty Collection, highlighting models such as the Air Jordan VI (1991), Air Jordan VII (1992), Air Jordan VIII (1993), Air Jordan XI (1996), Air Jordan XII (1997), and Air Jordan XIV (1998). Each model tells a story of its own, from the Air Jordan VI, inspired by Jordan’s Porsche 911, to the Air Jordan XIV, known as “Last Shot,” which drew design cues from his Ferrari 550 Maranello. Also included in the auction were signed 1/1 photographs of Jordan celebrating each championship victory, providing a visual narrative of these historic moments.

Hallam’s personal anecdotes about his tradition with Jordan add a layer of human interest to the auction, revealing a side of Jordan that fans rarely see. According to Hallam, Jordan would humorously walk around with one shoe on after giving the other to him, a testament to their unique bond and Jordan’s character off the court.

The sneakers themselves, each with a distinct story and design, from the strap-laden Air Jordan VIII to the Nike Zoom Air-equipped Air Jordan XII, underwent rigorous authentication and documentation. Experts and third-party photo-matching services were enlisted to confirm the authenticity and provenance of these sneakers, ensuring that bidders could confidently invest in genuine pieces of NBA history.

The auction concluded with the sale of an official scoresheet from Jordan’s career-high 69-point game against the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1990, which sold for just over $50,000, adding another layer of prestige to this historic auction. This event not only celebrated Michael Jordan’s unparalleled achievements on the basketball court but also solidified his status as a legend whose legacy transcends the sport itself.

To sum it up, the auction of Michael Jordan’s championship sneakers in The Dynasty Collection has made sports memorabilia history, fetching a staggering $8,032,800. These iconic sneakers symbolize Jordan’s unparalleled career and provide a lasting testament to his legacy as the GOAT in the realm of basketball. With each model telling a unique story and design, and accompanied by 1/1 signed photographs, this collection encapsulates the historic moments of Jordan’s championships. The rigorous authentication process and additional sale of a scoresheet from Jordan’s career-high game further elevate the significance of this auction, solidifying Jordan’s status as a legend whose impact extends far beyond the world of sports.


Celebrating Emmitt Smith: A 30th Anniversary Auction of Super Bowl Memorabilia

Three decades ago, Emmitt Smith left an indelible mark on the NFL with a season that remains unparalleled in the world of professional sports. The Dallas Cowboys running back not only clinched the NFL MVP award but also secured a Super Bowl championship and took home the Super Bowl MVP honors. These remarkable achievements have immortalized Smith in the hearts of fans and sports historians. To commemorate this extraordinary year, eBay and Notable Live have teamed up to host a special anniversary auction, offering fans and collectors a unique opportunity to own a piece of sports history.

Opening this Friday, the auction serves as a tribute to Smith’s illustrious football journey. It spans his early days as a standout athlete at Escambia High School in Pensacola, Florida, his record-breaking college career at the University of Florida, and his legendary tenure with the Dallas Cowboys. Each item in the auction has been carefully selected to showcase significant milestones from Smith’s career, allowing fans to own memorabilia directly linked to some of the most memorable moments in NFL history.

The treasure trove of items available for bidding includes the helmet Smith wore during his high school football career, symbolizing his early potential and passion for the game. Fans can also bid on the jersey Smith wore in his final game at the University of Florida, representing the end of his collegiate dominance and the beginning of his professional legacy.

One of the highlights of the auction is the football carried by Smith in Super Bowl XXVIII, which led to his MVP honors. Owning this tangible piece of his Super Bowl success is an opportunity that fans won’t want to miss. Another coveted item is a touchdown football from Super Bowl XXX, further cementing Smith’s status as a Super Bowl legend.

The auction also features the game-used football from the historic moment when Smith became the only player in NFL history to surpass 18,000 rushing yards. This item stands as a testament to his endurance and skill. Fans can also bid on the cleats Smith wore as he broke Walter Payton’s record for the most 100-yard rushing games, marking his place in history.

For those seeking a glimpse into single-game excellence, the auction offers a chance to own the game ball from Smith’s legendary 237-yard game against the Eagles on October 31, 1993, which set a single-game rushing record for the Cowboys. Lastly, fans can bid on Smith’s uniform from his eighth and final Pro Bowl appearance, celebrating his career-long excellence.

In addition to these iconic items, the auction includes various awards that Smith earned throughout his career, highlighting his numerous achievements and contributions to the game. This comprehensive collection allows fans to truly immerse themselves in Smith’s remarkable journey and own a piece of his legacy.

This auction is not just a celebration of Smith’s 30th anniversary of a seminal year but also a reflection of his journey from a high school sensation to an NFL legend. Over the past couple of years, Smith has been sharing pieces of his career through auctions, but this event, timed to coincide with Super Bowl LVIII, is particularly special. It offers a comprehensive look at his remarkable career through memorabilia that fans can now own.

Mike Antonucci, co-founder and CEO of Notable Live, expressed his enthusiasm for the auction, stating, “We are excited to celebrate Emmitt’s career milestones by offering one-of-a-kind items to fans, exclusively on eBay.” This sentiment is echoed by Smith himself, who said, “I am proud of my accomplishments both as a football player and in my career as a businessman. I am excited to share my personal collection with my fans through this exclusive event with eBay.”

The auction promises to be a highlight for sports collectors and fans alike. It provides a rare chance to acquire authentic memorabilia directly from one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. As bidding opens in the Notable Live eBay store, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to secure their own piece of football history, commemorating the legacy of Emmitt Smith and celebrating the enduring appeal of the sport.


Topps Reclaims UFC Trading Card License in New Fanatics Collectibles Deal

In an exciting turn of events for trading card enthusiasts and mixed martial arts fans, Topps has reclaimed the UFC trading card license in a new deal with Fanatics Collectibles. This exclusive multi-year agreement, announced on Wednesday, marks a significant moment in the world of UFC collectibles.

Under this partnership, Topps will regain its position as the primary producer of UFC trading cards, a role it held from 2009 to 2020 before Panini America took over for a brief period. The negotiation was expertly conducted with the assistance of UFC’s licensing agent IMG, ensuring a smooth transition.

The reinstatement of Topps at the forefront of UFC trading cards has garnered much excitement among fans and collectors. Tracey Bleczinski, Senior Vice President of UFC Global Consumer Products, expressed enthusiasm about the reunion, acknowledging the vibrant market for UFC collectibles fueled by the sport’s immense popularity and its exceptional athletes.

With the renewed partnership, UFC enthusiasts can look forward to new avenues of engagement with the sport and their favorite fighters through collectibles. The first product to emerge from this partnership will be the highly anticipated 2024 Topps Chrome UFC, slated for release on February 28.

Fanatics Collectibles, led by CEO Mike Mahan, shares in the excitement and is committed to capturing the essence of the sport’s emerging stars through their trading cards. The popularity of UFC trading cards among collectors is already evident, and Fanatics Collectibles aims to innovate further in this space.

One of the initiatives to deepen the connection between fans and fighters is the leverage of Fanatics Collectibles’ Fanatics Live platform. Through this live breaking/commerce platform, fans can engage in athlete interviews and live card breaks featuring fighters. This unique approach enriches the collecting experience by providing access to exclusive content and interactions.

Adding to the excitement is the existing partnership between UFC and Fanatics in the realm of memorabilia and apparel. Fans already have access to a wide range of UFC products at events and online through UFC Commerce. With Topps now joining the Fanatics umbrella, the collaboration is set to enhance the selection of memorabilia and collectibles available, allowing fans to further celebrate their passion for mixed martial arts.

In conclusion, the reclamation of the UFC trading card license by Topps in partnership with Fanatics Collectibles marks a pivotal moment for UFC collectibles. The vibrant market and fanbase surrounding the sport, coupled with the commitment to innovation, ensure that UFC enthusiasts are in for an exciting future filled with new and engaging ways to connect with the sport and their favorite fighters. With Topps once again at the helm, the world of UFC trading cards is set to thrive.


Rare Find: Unopened 1963 Exhibit Baseball Cards Surface in Pristine Condition

In an astonishing turn of events for sports memorabilia enthusiasts, a collection of approximately 2,000 unopened 1963 Exhibit “stat back” baseball cards has emerged, still encased in their original brown packaging. This discovery has caused quite a buzz within the hobby, particularly due to the untouched state of the cards. The news was shared through a social media post featuring a vintage arcade machine reminiscent of the ones that once dispensed these sought-after collectibles.

Bill Mendel, a respected figure in the sports memorabilia industry, was taken aback when he heard about the find from a contact on the east coast. The contact had connections to the arcade business and had acquired the cards from Mike Munves in New York, a well-known distributor and repairer of arcade machines in the 1950s and 60s. The confirmed authenticity of the sealed packages, bearing Exhibit Supply’s Chicago address, only added to their historical significance.

Representing Memorabilia Experts, a memorabilia store and auction house based in Las Vegas, Mendel wasted no time in arranging the consignment of these treasures. The unopened bricks, likely containing multiple complete sets of the 64-card series, could potentially fetch thousands of dollars each given their pristine, uncirculated condition. Adding to the excitement, the collection also included a partially opened fifth package and hundreds of loose cards, including ten Hank Aarons, ten Willie Mays, nine Mickey Mantles, and many other baseball legends, making this find truly extraordinary.

The 1963 “stat back” cards, known for displaying career statistics in red, are considered rare due to their size and quality. While loose cards from this era and series are not uncommon, finding them in unopened vending packages is exceptionally uncommon, with similar items commanding high prices in the collector’s market.

The entire collection, comprising both the unopened bricks and the loose cards, is now set for auction and has generated great interest and numerous bids. This auction not only provides a unique opportunity for collectors but also serves as a celebration of the history and nostalgia of baseball card collecting, harkening back to a time when obtaining a card was as simple as inserting a coin into a machine.

For Mendel and Memorabilia Experts, securing these items for auction is a significant achievement, shining a light on the enduring allure and excitement of discovering sports memorabilia gems. Whether the winning bidders choose to open these packs or preserve them in their pristine state, the mere existence of these cards in their original packaging is a triumph for collectors and historians alike, honoring the legacy of baseball’s past.


Panini America Signs Exclusive Trading Card Deal with QB Prospect Julian Sayin

In the ever-competitive world of trading cards, companies are constantly striving to secure exclusive contracts with athletes, both professional and up-and-coming. The race for exclusivity often brings to mind the historic rivalry between Bowman and Topps in the baseball card industry. Now, Panini America has entered the fray, announcing an exclusive trading card and autograph deal with Julian Sayin, a highly talented quarterback prospect who recently made his transfer to Ohio State.

This significant partnership represents Sayin’s first foray into the world of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals. The agreement covers autographed trading cards and marketing initiatives, demonstrating Panini America’s commitment to investing in future sports stars. Sayin, who is set to make his freshman debut at Ohio State next season, expressed his enthusiasm for seeing his dream of having his own trading card come to fruition through this exclusive arrangement with Panini.

Jason Howarth, the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Athlete Relations at Panini, expressed the company’s excitement at partnering with such a promising talent. He believes that Sayin has a bright future both on and off the field. Sayin’s impressive high school career at Carlsbad High School in California, where he led his team to a remarkable 30-4 record as a starter and accumulated nearly 8,000 passing yards, showcases his undeniable potential.

Panini’s strategy of securing deals with young, promising athletes like Sayin aligns with a broader trend in the trading card industry. Companies are eagerly exploring NIL partnerships with high school and college athletes, not only to tap into a new market of emerging talents but also to establish a connection with fans from the early stages of these athletes’ careers.

Recent signings by Panini, such as top high school quarterback prospect Dylan Raiola and highly ranked class of 2024 player Tre Johnson, demonstrate the growing importance of NIL deals in the sports memorabilia sector. Competitors like Leaf and Fanatics have also made similar moves, highlighting the industry-wide recognition that these partnerships are reshaping the trading card landscape and offering fans new ways to connect with the next generation of sports stars.

The rise of NIL deals in the trading card industry opens up exciting opportunities for both athletes and collectors. For athletes like Sayin, these partnerships provide a platform to build their personal brand and connect with fans on a more personal level. It also allows them to benefit financially from their likeness, an opportunity that was not available to them before the recent changes in NIL rules.

From a collector’s perspective, the exclusive nature of these trading cards adds to their desirability and value. Owning a card featuring a young athlete who has the potential to become a future superstar can be a thrilling prospect. It gives collectors a unique connection to the player’s early journey and offers the possibility of owning a valuable piece of sports memorabilia.

As the trading card industry continues to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of athlete endorsements and partnerships, Panini America’s exclusive deal with Julian Sayin showcases the company’s commitment to nurturing young talent. By recognizing the potential in athletes like Sayin, Panini is securing a position at the forefront of the industry. The battle for exclusivity will surely intensify as other trading card companies strive to secure similar deals with the rising stars of various sports.

In conclusion, Panini America’s exclusive trading card and autograph deal with Julian Sayin signifies the growing importance of NIL partnerships in the trading card industry. This trend not only benefits the athletes by providing them with new opportunities for brand building but also adds value and excitement for collectors who can own exclusive cards featuring these promising young stars. The competition to secure exclusive contracts with young athletes is reshaping the industry and giving fans new ways to connect with the future faces of sports.


Rare Signed Photo of Ruth and Gehrig up for Auction

In the world of sports memorabilia, there are certain pieces that transcend time and hold immense historical value. One such artifact is a recently discovered photograph signed by baseball icons Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. This exceptional piece, captured by esteemed photographer Arthur Hull, is now set to be auctioned off, giving collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to own a tangible piece of baseball history.

The photograph, which has been authenticated as a Type 1 original by PSA, showcases the extraordinary legacy of two of baseball’s greatest figures. Taken between 1927 and 1931 at the Yankees’ spring training camp, the image portrays Ruth and Gehrig in a candid moment, exemplifying their camaraderie and joy. It is a poignant reminder of the golden age of baseball, capturing the essence of these iconic figures.

What sets this photograph apart is not just the signatures of Ruth and Gehrig, but the careful attention to detail and the quality of the autographs. Acquisitions specialist Keith Breitweiser from Lelands, the auction house handling the sale, emphasizes the significance of the autographs and the photograph itself, stating, “These are the two most iconic players who ever played the game on the most iconic team. The autographs are some of the nicest you’ll find.”

The journey of this photograph to the auction block is a fascinating tale of preservation and fate. After Arthur Hull’s passing in 1969, Karl Allison and a friend acquired Hull’s collection, including this signed photograph, for a nominal sum from Hull’s widow. Recognizing the historical value, Allison carefully stored the photograph away from light to ensure its preservation. He even created a duplicate for public display, further safeguarding the original.

The significance of this photograph extends beyond its visual appeal. It presents a rare opportunity for collectors to own a piece of sports history. Signed photographs of Ruth and Gehrig, especially Type 1 originals in excellent condition, are incredibly rare and highly sought after by collectors. As a result, the upcoming auction, commencing on February 25, is expected to attract a significant amount of attention from passionate collectors and sports enthusiasts alike.

This auction not only highlights the enduring fascination with Ruth and Gehrig, but also underscores the importance of meticulous preservation and the role of photography in capturing and commemorating sporting legends. As this iconic photograph prepares to find a new home, it continues to honor the legacy of two of baseball’s most revered figures. Immortalized by Arthur Hull’s lens and preserved through the decades, it stands as a testament to their monumental impact on the game and American culture as a whole.

In conclusion, the upcoming auction of the signed photograph of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig captured by Arthur Hull is an extraordinary opportunity for sports memorabilia collectors to own a rare piece of baseball history. This cherished artifact encapsulates the spirit and legacy of two legendary baseball players and serves as a reminder of the golden age of America’s favorite pastime. With its impeccable autographs and captivating image, this photograph is sure to capture the hearts of both avid collectors and sports enthusiasts.


Leaf Trading Cards Acquires and Revitalizes Press Pass Brand

Leaf Trading Cards has made a significant announcement in the trading card industry by officially acquiring the iconic Press Pass brand. Press Pass, known for its innovative approach to memorabilia cards, ceased operations in 2015 after a successful run since 1992. It was particularly renowned for its NASCAR sets and NFL Draft products.

With a focus on blending tradition and innovation, Leaf Trading Cards is set to revitalize the Press Pass brand. The relaunch will begin with the introduction of a football trading card box that showcases promising high school quarterback JuJu Lewis. As a junior in high school and a highly sought-after prospect, Lewis highlights Leaf’s commitment to showcasing emerging talent in the world of sports.

Leading the revival of the beloved brand is Kevin O’Neil, the current CEO of Leaf Trading Cards who previously served as the Director of Sales at Press Pass during its influential years. With his unique perspective and experience, O’Neil plans to release standalone Press Pass-branded products that pay homage to the brand’s storied past while infusing it with a modern touch.

Press Pass is widely credited with pioneering the use of memorabilia cards in the trading card industry. Notably, their 1996 NASCAR release featured race-used tires, breaking new ground in the integration of authentic memorabilia into cards. This innovation continued with the introduction of race-used sheet metal cards and the first-ever game-used jersey basketball cards in a draft product that showcased future NBA stars such as Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson.

The acquisition and relaunch of the Press Pass brand by Leaf Trading Cards represents a strategic expansion of their product offerings. By merging nostalgia with contemporary sports memorabilia, Leaf intends to introduce a new generation of collectors to the Press Pass legacy while continuing to push the boundaries of innovation within the trading card market.

Leaf Trading Cards has built a reputation for its unique and high-quality products, and the addition of the Press Pass brand only strengthens their position in the industry. Leaf’s commitment to highlighting emerging talent, coupled with their dedication to preserving the legacy of Press Pass, promises exciting new trading card lines and experiences for collectors and fans alike.

As the trading card market continues to evolve, Leaf Trading Cards stands out as a company at the forefront of innovation. With the acquisition and relaunch of the Press Pass brand, they are not only preserving the past but also reimagining it for the future. The revival of Press Pass is set to captivate a new generation of collectors, while longtime enthusiasts can look forward to a fresh take on a beloved brand.


Babe Ruth’s 1916 World Series Glove Poised to Break Million-Dollar Mark

Auction houses are no strangers to hosting extraordinary events that cater to the passions of collectors and enthusiasts. In the world of sports memorabilia, one such event is currently taking place at Heritage Auctions, where a remarkable piece of baseball history is captivating the attention of fans. This extraordinary artifact is none other than a baseball glove that bears the signatures of the legendary Babe Ruth, not once, but twice. The glove, which dates back to 1916 and is inscribed for its use in the World Series, is poised to break the million-dollar mark, making it one of the auction’s most highly anticipated lots.

This Spalding baseball glove is no ordinary piece of memorabilia. It serves as a direct link to the iconic Babe Ruth during his time with the Boston Red Sox in the 1916 World Series, a treasured period in the history of the sport. The anticipation surrounding this lot is palpable, with experts predicting that it will fetch a final hammer price well into the seven figures. This projected value is a testament to both the glove’s historical significance and its rarity.

The glove’s journey to the auction block is as fascinating as its former owner. Joe E. Brown, an entertainment icon known for his work in acting, comedy, and sports broadcasting during the 1930s, was also a passionate collector of sports memorabilia. His collection was the envy of enthusiasts, and this glove was one of its crowning jewels. Although Brown’s name may have faded from public memory, his legacy lives on through this remarkable artifact and the other items he had carefully amassed.

What truly sets this glove apart are the dual signatures of Babe Ruth. The first signature, dating back to 1916, is shared with Ruth’s teammates who contributed to the Red Sox’s triumph over the Brooklyn Robins in the World Series. The second signature, accompanied by Ruth’s handwritten note stating “Glove I used in the 1916 World Series,” was added later, highlighting Ruth’s acknowledgement of the glove’s role in his early career. Beyond Ruth’s autographs, the glove also features the signatures of Harry Hooper, Duffy Lewis, Larry Gardner, and Tillie Walker, further solidifying its value as a tangible piece of baseball history.

The initial bidding for this glove has been fervent, surpassing $300,000 within the first day of the auction. Such early interest from collectors worldwide has given Heritage Auctions optimism that the final auction price may reach or even surpass the million-dollar mark. This exciting event follows the sale of another Babe Ruth-related item—a glove gifted to Jimmy Austin—which fetched an impressive $1.5 million in a previous auction, setting a precedent for the high market value of authentic Ruth memorabilia.

The legitimacy of the glove’s signatures has been meticulously authenticated by Beckett and PSA/DNA, organizations well-known for their expertise in sports memorabilia authentication. Steve Grad of Beckett described the examination process as “the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” adding another layer of assurance to potential bidders regarding the authenticity of Ruth’s signatures and the glove’s historical significance.

Joe E. Brown’s collection, despite being ravaged by fire at one point, continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of sports memorabilia through treasures like this glove. The upcoming auction presents a unique opportunity for collectors to own a tangible piece of baseball history while simultaneously paying tribute to the enduring legacy of Babe Ruth and Joe E. Brown’s passion for collecting. As the auction date draws closer, the excitement and anticipation continue to build, signaling a historic sale that will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come.