RMY Auctions Unveils Trove of Historical Photographs

Sports, news and entertainment history come alive as RMY Auctions unfurls its latest array of historical photographs for its compelling May auction. Bringing together over nine hundred pieces, the event displays unseen glimpses into pivotal moments and personalities from the last century. For the baseball enthusiast, there’s a significant opportunity to own a piece of Major League Baseball history – a 1948 black and white photograph of Satchel Paige and Bob Feller, two sensational craftsmen of the game.

What makes the 7 x 8 ¾” image truly significant is that it was used to craft the most coveted Satchel Paige rookie card. Issued by Leaf in 1949, this card marked Paige’s groundbreaking transition from the Negro Leagues to Major League Baseball with Cleveland. Undeniably, this photograph is a remarkable reminder of a monumental milestone in sports history.

The auction catalog doesn’t stop there. Included is an original Type I photograph of Paige lasting his time with the Kansas City Monarchs, a rare and splendid find that animates the legacy of the legendary pitcher. But the auction’s reach extends beyond the realm of baseball. As part of its collection, a 1910 silver gelatin image of Jim Thorpe at 23, taken by George Grantham Bain, adds another layer of historical depth.

In this treasure trove of the past, other gems shine. One is a 1905 PC782 Rotograph real photo postcard of Jack Chesbro, a superstar in early 20th-century baseball, never introduced in the market before. Plus, a 1934 image of Carl Hubbell prompts nostalgia for his Diamond Stars baseball card from 1933-36.

Moments of triumph adorn this collection as well. There are captivating snapshots of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, like Ruth’s unforgettable inaugural season with the Yankees in 1920, and an electrifying scene from the 1928 World Series. Imagine owning a piece of that excitement!

Contemporary collectors aren’t left behind. You’ll find a 1972 image of Roberto Clemente making his 3,000th career hit, a triumphantly frozen moment in time. A photographic proof of Wilt Chamberlain’s record-setting accomplishment of scoring his 100th point in a single game is also up for grabs. Besides, the catalog includes electric moments captured from Michael Jordan’s peak NBA years by Chicago area photographers.

Adding a touch of quirk to this ensemble are extraordinary items like a picture of Joe DiMaggio in the Yankees’ clubhouse and Ted Williams amusingly riding a zebra. Evidently, RMY Auctions’ collection spans a panoramic view of the 20th century, appealing not just to memorabilia collectors but also catering to avid photography enthusiasts. Currently in progress, the auction invites final bids until May 11. Don’t miss your chance to become part of the ongoing narratives of these legendary moments.