Fanatics and Topps Amplify Fan Experiences and Collector Engagements

In a move that proves sports meets entertainment and culture, two top companies, Fanatics and Topps, are setting the stage with a diverse array of events and promotions set to launch across the United States. Fanatics, the global leader in licensed sports merchandising, is broadening its American events roster. Meanwhile, Topps, renowned for their sports trading cards and sports memorabilia, is bringing collector promotions back, bigger and better.

At the Topps Industry Conference in Atlanta, Fanatics detailed its ambitious plans for the ‘FanaticsFest’. Tailoring each event to the unique cadence of the destination, Fanatics will roll out fanfests that blend the vivacious energy of fandom with the appreciation for culture and collecting. The conference highlighted the scheduled fanfest at New York’s Javits Center, poised for an August 16-18 happening. However, Fanatics will not be a one-event wonder. They have planned an Orlando, FL event from November 1-3, a collective collector’s dream, and a more intimate gathering at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park on September 28-29 which is expected to play host to autograph sessions with local athletes.

Additional events from Fanatics are tipped to offer a zestful mix – Large-scale gatherings, regional shows, venue-specific events at stadiums, and more. Paired with collaborations with sports leagues, Fanatics will bring the thrill of drafts and major events to its attendees. While we know the hype is real, further details regarding such events are awaited in anticipation.

While Fanatics is setting the sports event scene on fire, Topps is not far behind. The nostalgia-inducing Trading Card Day is back, slated for an August 3 release, where hobby shops will offer free exclusive packs. Collectors are in for a thrill with the MVP Buyback program making a comeback this fall, a lucrative deal that allows collectors to swap cards of recent MLB MVPs for some much-desired store credit.

Last year’s Hobby Rip Night was a roaring success, leading to a staggering surge in sales for 18% of the participating 409 stores. Riding on the wave of this success, Topps is geared to launch its second edition on September 14. A completely original initiative, the Hobby Break Night, is marked for December 14. This online event will feature a smorgasbord of live case, box, and pack openings, with the cherry on top being guest appearances and giveaways.

In their relentless pursuit of enhancing fan experiences and engaging collectors, Fanatics events alongside Topps promotions form two sides of a coin. Whether it is amping up the energy of fandom, offering intimate autograph sessions, providing lucrative collector engagements, or fuelling the desire for sports and culture together, Fanatics and Topps are leaving no stone unturned. Both companies are stretching the boundaries and moulding the essence of what it means to be a fan and a collector, all while offering unique, fulfilling experiences that will keep sports enthusiasts coming back for more.