Parlay at Graybo’s: Where Sports and Cards Unite

Richmond, Virginia, has unleashed a novel rendezvous for sports devotees and collectors, amalgamating the convivial vibe of a sports bar with the enthralling appeal of a sports card shop. Known as Parlay at Graybo’s, this distinctive establishment is situated in the historical Scott’s Addition neighborhood, renowned for its plethora of entertainment spots.

Conceived by Duke Dodson, Ryan Fitz, and Gray “Graybo” Burnette, the concept strives to furnish a communal setting where visitors can relish the excitement of unveiling new card packs, take part in live card breaks, and spectate sporting events on expansive screens, all while indulging in a delectable meal and libations. The venue made its official debut with a lavish event on May 18, featuring a live viewing of the Preakness Stakes, complemented by live music and special festivities.

Occupying the former space of the Circuit Arcade Bar at 3117 W. Leigh Street, Parlay at Graybo’s ingeniously intertwines the sports bar and card shop through a breezeway adorned with a small putting green, amplifying the interactive and captivating essence of the venue.

The brains behind Parlay at Graybo’s boast a profound affinity and extensive experience in the sports card realm:

Duke Dodson, a card collector since the late 1980s, reignited his passion for card collecting in 2021. With a solid foundation in business and finance, Dodson has played a vital role in the real estate sector in Richmond.

Gray Burnette, a history buff and former educator, delved into this venture after departing from the educational domain due to pandemic-related challenges.

Ryan Fitz brings a background in property management and technology, focusing on customer integration to infuse a modern twist into the business operations.

Motivated by their nostalgia for childhood card collecting and a vision to craft a venue catering not only to children but also offering a sophisticated setting for adults to relish sports and collectibles, the trio transformed the initial humble sports card shop into a more expansive and versatile space.

The new locale flaunts noteworthy expansions, with the sports bar spanning 3,300 square feet and the card shop extending to 2,200 square feet. This growth is poised to drive a surge in foot traffic, leveraging its prime location in an area brimming with entertainment options.

Parlay at Graybo’s boasts an innovative feature allowing patrons to engage in or witness live card breaks from the bar, injecting an exhilarating element akin to game days. The founders also cultivate a community for collectors through their eBay store, a weekly podcast, and online live breaks, fostering engagement with the collector community both locally and online.

According to Fitz, the Richmond area teems with a vibrant and expanding base of collectors, ranging from amateurs to seasoned aficionados and investors, rendering Parlay at Graybo’s a welcoming hub for all. The closure of the previous venue, Circuit, paved the way for this fresh endeavor, which Dodson seized by purchasing the property shortly before its shuttering.

This trailblazing amalgamation of a sports bar intertwined with a card shop is trailblazing in the region, proffering a distinctive, electrifying ambiance poised to allure both sports aficionados and card collectors, furnishing them with a one-of-a-kind, immersive encounter.