Legendary Mickey Mantle 1953 World Series Bat Up for Auction

A piece of baseball history is currently sparking excitement among sports memorabilia collectors as Heritage Auctions presents an iconic relic from the golden era of baseball. The spotlight shines on a game-used bat wielded by the legendary Mickey Mantle during the 1953 World Series, now available for bidding.

This particular bat is not just any run-of-the-mill equipment; it comes with a fascinating backstory that adds layers of intrigue to its already esteemed reputation. Once a prize at a youth baseball banquet in Oklahoma City, this bat has a tale as remarkable as Mantle’s own prowess on the field.

Let’s rewind to early 1954, a time when Mantle, alongside fellow baseball stars Allie Reynolds and Bobby Morgan, graced the Oklahoma City YMCA Junior Baseball banquet with their presence. Among the various prizes handed out that evening, Mantle’s bat stood out as a coveted reward. Young baseball enthusiast Robert Nance emerged as the fortunate recipient of this prestigious piece after proving himself as one of the top ticket sellers for the event.

The K55 model bat, measuring 35.5 inches and weighing just under 34 ounces, has garnered a top-notch grade of PSA/DNA GU 10, signifying its exceptional condition and unquestionable authenticity. What elevates its significance even further is Mantle’s personal connection to the bat. Mantle himself disclosed to Nance that he wielded this very bat during the 1953 World Series, pointing out the distinct paint streaks it acquired from the Yankee Stadium dugout.

During the historic 1953 World Series games, Mantle showcased his incredible skill with this very bat, delivering standout performances that resonated throughout baseball history. Notably, he slammed two home runs against the Dodgers, with one of them being his sole postseason grand slam, a feat that contributed significantly to the Yankees clinching their fifth consecutive World Series title.

The bat’s authenticity is solidified by a heartfelt letter from Nance recounting the moment Mantle presented him with the bat, infusing a personal touch into its already illustrious historical value. Furthermore, renowned PSA/DNA bat expert John Taube has validated the bat’s usage in the pivotal 1953 season through meticulous scrutiny of factory ordering records, highlighting its exceptional condition marked by numerous ball imprints, stitch impressions, and distinctive blue rack streaks.

Heritage Auctions has aptly described this extraordinary item as “unquestionably one of the finest Mantle bats ever to grace the hobby’s auction block.” As eager bidders anticipate the closing of the auction on Friday, May 17, it is widely anticipated that the bidding price will soar well into the six figures. Such a valuation reflects not only the bat’s historical significance but also the sentimental value attached to it, making it a prized possession for any avid collector or baseball enthusiast.