Fanatics Get KPMG For Topps Card Distribution Audit

Card collectors rejoice! Fanatics and Topps have brought in an undeniable pinch hitter to break the long-standing speculation about their card distribution. They’ve gotten the renowned audit firm, KPMG, to test the waters — or rather, tear open the packs — in a bid to shed light on the integrity of their trading card distribution. Transparency in pack busting never looked so good.

During the Industry Conference in good ol’ Atlanta, Mike Mahan, CEO of Fanatics Collectibles, stepped up to the plate and announced that KPMG had given their seal of approval on the company’s procedures. Fanatics and Topps are clear of any allegations — high-value cards aren’t intentionally earmarked for specific customers.

Rumors have swirled like a perfect spin in the collector community with some speculating about large-volume customers or prominent card breakers being favored by Fanatics/Topps. Fueling the rumors, videos on social media showing breakers pulling out multiple high-value cards didn’t help dispel concerns about the randomness. But fear not, card enthusiasts! Greg Abovsky, CFO of Fanatics Collectibles, was quick to add a reality check to the debate. Abovsky pointed out that it’s a simple game of probability; high-value pulls are more likely for major breakers due to the large volume they handle.

The auditors from KPMG paid a visit to the Texas printing facility. Peering behind the scenes, they carried out a comprehensive check of the collation process and poured over the production logs. No stone was left unturned or rather no card was left unscrutinized. Confirming the randomness of card distribution, KPMG’s findings lend weight to Topps’ claims. Fanatics have taken a step that is a first in many ways in this industry, aiming to bust myths and confirm the integrity of their distribution process to bolster the trust of the collector community.

Addressing another long-standing suspicion, Abovsky tackled the rumor head-on. He clarified that Fanatics have never specifically stocked boxes with valuable cards for promotional reasons. It seems Fanatics is steadfast in their commitment to shake off rumors and illuminate their practices with unwavering transparency.

In an invigorating display of their dedication to fairness, Fanatics are keen on making the randomness audit a yearly tradition. Committing to annual checks, they’re setting a new standard in the world of trading cards. Anyone suspecting trickery might have to rethink and shuffle their deck of doubts.

In an industry woven with speculation and suspicions, Fanatics’ move to engage KPMG for an independent audit is a game changer. A guarantee of transparency and fairness in card distribution might just be the trump card they need to keep the trust of their collector community. It’s a new tale in this deck of cards, where a bid for transparency could turn up trumps for this pack-busting industry.