Formula 1 renews partnership with Topps for trading cards

In a savvy strategic move that is sure to keep the motorsport world buzzing, Formula 1 has decided to extend its exclusive trading card and sticker partnership with none other than Topps, a renowned subsidiary of the mighty Fanatics empire. This multi-year renewal solidifies Topps’ position as the official trading card licensee for Formula 1, a prestigious title it has proudly held since the year 2020.

Under the refreshed collaboration, Formula 1 enthusiasts can continue to indulge in trading card and sticker collections showcasing their beloved drivers not just from the Formula 1 series but also from Formula 2 and Formula 3. This broadens the spectrum of collectibles for fans to treasure, adding depth and diversity to their prized collections.

The excitement doesn’t end there; Topps will also be an active player in various 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship Grands Prix events. The action kicks off at the Austrian Grand Prix, where attendees can eagerly snag exclusive and coveted trading cards, heightening the event experience with a touch of collectible nostalgia.

Emily Prazer, the esteemed Chief Commercial Officer at Formula 1, and Kelvin Smith, the dynamic Senior Vice President of Global Licensing and Partner Development at Fanatics Collectibles, both expressed their elation at the contract extension. They emphasized how this partnership plays a vital role in drawing in a wider audience of fans and aficionados, further connecting them with their treasured drivers and teams through the magic of unique collectibles.

By revamping this union, Formula 1 and Topps aim to enrich the fan experience by unveiling special products and captivating programs designed to ignite passion and spark joy among motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. While the exact timeline of this renewed collaboration remains a mystery, one thing is certain: fans are in for a treat, and the thrill of collecting exclusive Formula 1 trading cards will continue to soar to new heights.