Topps Unveils NCAA March Madness Basketball Card Series

Topps, a renowned name in the trading card industry, has joined forces with the NCAA to introduce the inaugural March Madness Basketball Card Series. The collection includes packs of eight cards, priced at $139.99 each, offering collectors a chance to own a guaranteed autograph card from a selection of standout players. Among these players are the men’s Player of the Year, Zach Edey from Purdue, and the women’s Player of the Year, Caitlin Clark. Each pack comprises the autographed card, six base cards, and one parallel card, with the latter being numbered to 99 or fewer.

These exclusive packs are currently available for purchase through Topps’ official website until Thursday, giving fans and collectors alike the opportunity to grab a piece of basketball history. Notably, every tenth pack contains a dual autograph card, adding an element of surprise and rarity to the collection.

The series focuses on a curated list of 20 notable athletes from college basketball, all of whom have agreed to be featured in this distinctive card set. The roster for the Bowman U NOW March Madness series includes a mix of talent from the men’s and women’s sides of the game.

On the men’s side, players like Reed Sheppard and Rob Dillingham from Kentucky, along with Tristen Newton and Stephon Castle from UConn, feature prominently. Other standouts include Cody Williams from Colorado, Dalton Knecht from Tennessee, and Kyle Filipowski from Duke, among others.

For the women’s lineup, stars such as Cameron Brink from Stanford, Aaliyah Edwards from UConn, and Angel Reese from LSU are showcased. The roster also boasts the likes of Georgia Amoore from Virginia Tech, Hannah Hidalgo from Notre Dame, and Paige Bueckers from UConn, among others.

In addition to individual player cards, the collection offers intriguing dual autograph pairings, including combinations like Clark/Edey, Clark/Reese, Reese/Van Lith, and Sheppard/Dillingham. These dual autographs add a unique and coveted aspect to the series, making them highly sought after by collectors.

Fans of Caitlin Clark should take note that her appearance in Topps’ card series will only last until April 1. This is due to her upcoming exclusive trading card agreement with Panini America, adding a sense of urgency for those eager to own her card from this limited-time collection.

The collaboration between Topps and the NCAA allows the incorporation of the iconic March Madness logo and branding into the card series, enhancing the overall appeal for basketball enthusiasts and collectors. Future joint projects between the two entities are also on the horizon, promising more exciting releases for fans to look forward to.

With over 120 Bowman U cards released via the Topps NOW platform this season, including 61 cards featuring college basketball talents like Caitlin Clark, Topps continues to celebrate the vibrancy and excitement of college sports. The inclusion of college players in the traditional Topps Bowman University line for the past two years has further enriched the collector’s experience, showcasing the rising stars and future legends of the game.