Rare Gem: 1952 Topps Mantle Card on Auction

In the vast world of baseball memorabilia, a true gem has emerged – a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card with a twist like no other. This exceptional card, currently being auctioned by eBay seller Greg Morris, has undergone a significant transformation from its original form, likely serving as a piece of a vintage scrapbook creation. Despite its less-than-perfect condition, the card’s scarcity has piqued the interest of collectors and fans alike.

Verified by Beckett Grading, this Mantle card has been heavily altered, with substantial trimming that has removed a large part of its iconic background, leaving only traces of its bottom and right borders intact. The visible signs of wear and creases on the remaining parts of the card provide hints of its former glory before the alterations took place.

Flipping the card over reveals its own set of challenges, with sticky residue masking a considerable portion of the original text. This could suggest a lack of awareness regarding the card’s future value as a collectible piece.

Given the alterations, Beckett has classified this card as Authentic/Altered. Despite its unique journey within the collecting community, having been authenticated in 2017, it recently found its way into Morris’s possession through a collection he acquired from another auction house.

In a market where even low-grade Mantle cards fetch impressive sums, this “Half Mantle” stands out for its distinct modifications. As the bidding war unfolds, there is a possibility that this variant could fetch a price in the tens of thousands, reflecting its rarity and appeal to serious collectors.

While this card may be one of a kind, it is not the only altered Mantle card to make waves. A similarly modified Mantle card was showcased by CSG/CGC last year, boasting a slightly better condition but still missing significant portions of its original borders, alongside a peeled-back reverse side.

Despite its unconventional appearance, the ongoing auction underscores the enduring popularity of Mickey Mantle, demonstrating that the star player’s legacy continues to captivate enthusiasts, even in the most unorthodox forms. To witness the outcome of this extraordinary auction and see how much this unique Mantle card will ultimately sell for, avid collectors are encouraged to track its progress closely.