Jason Koonce: Revolutionizing Trading Cards as Investments

Jason Koonce, the mastermind behind Detroit-based OTIA Sports, has been making waves in the sports card and memorabilia industry with his innovative approach to trading cards. Known for his association with legendary sports figures like Magic Johnson, Hulk Hogan, and Joe Montana, Koonce has not only carved a niche for OTIA Sports but has also established himself as a prominent figure in the trading card world.

In a recent episode of Out of Office, hosted by Rich and Gianni and featuring Eddie Gonzalez from the ETCs podcast with Kevin Durant, Koonce sheds light on his journey into the trading card market. Despite his success in the industry, Koonce humbly refers to himself as a “poker degenerate” with a remarkable knack for the game. His prowess in poker was exemplified by a notable win of over a million dollars in a single tournament, showcasing his competitive spirit and strategic mindset.

During the conversation, Koonce delves into the evolving perception of trading cards as more than just collectibles but as substantial long-term investments. Drawing parallels with traditional assets like gold and the digital currency bitcoin, Koonce emphasizes the potential of trading cards to serve as valuable additions to an investment portfolio. This shift in perspective highlights the transformative impact Koonce is making in redefining the narrative around trading cards.

As the CEO of OTIA Sports, Koonce brings a wealth of experience and insight to the discussion. His strategic approach to viewing trading cards not just as items of nostalgia but as assets with enduring value has resonated with enthusiasts and investors alike. By leveraging his industry connections and expertise, Koonce has positioned OTIA Sports as a key player in the market, offering unique opportunities for collectors and investors to engage with sports memorabilia in a new light.

Through his conversation with Eddie Gonzalez on Out of Office, Koonce invites listeners to explore the world of trading cards through a fresh lens. By sharing his entrepreneurial journey and vision for the industry, Koonce challenges conventional perceptions and opens up new possibilities for those looking to venture into the realm of sports card investments. With his blend of passion, skill, and foresight, Koonce is shaping the future of trading cards and paving the way for a new era of investment opportunities in the market.

Join Jason Koonce, Eddie Gonzalez, and the Out of Office hosts as they unravel the mysteries and potential of trading cards as lucrative investments in this engaging and enlightening conversation. Get ready to see trading cards in a whole new light and discover the transformative power of investing in sports memorabilia with OTIA Sports at the forefront of this exciting industry.