Legendary Red Auerbach’s Celtics Memorabilia Hits the Auction Block

Red Auerbach, the legendary coach behind the Boston Celtics’ extraordinary run of nine NBA championships in eleven years, has left an indelible mark on the basketball community. Now, enthusiasts and collectors alike have an extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of history as items from Auerbach’s most triumphant season, along with other personal memorabilia from his illustrious Hall of Fame career, go up for auction through Heritage Auctions. This exceptional collection, consigned by the Auerbach family, boasts several exceptional items making their debut in the prestigious Platinum Night event.

The crown jewels of this auction are undoubtedly Auerbach’s 1965 NBA championship ring, hailing from a season in which the Celtics boasted an impressive 62-18 record under his unparalleled guidance. This ring, accompanied by Auerbach’s Coach of the Year Award and his personal league championship trophy from the same season, epitomizes the pinnacle of his coaching accomplishments. Furthermore, the auction presents the ring Auerbach received as the general manager of the Celtics’ 1984 championship team, an item that is expected to fetch upwards of $100,000.

The 1965 championship season holds immense significance not only for its remarkable record but also for Auerbach’s groundbreaking decision to start five African-American players, a first in NBA history. This team’s historical importance was further solidified when it was voted as one of the NBA’s ten greatest teams of all time in 1996. With pre-sale estimates of $80,000 for the 1965 championship ring and $30,000 for the trophy, it is clear that these items will attract considerable interest from basketball aficionados and collectors alike. Similarly, the Coach of the Year award is anticipated to captivate the attention of bidders seeking to secure a piece of Auerbach’s remarkable legacy.

Among the more personal items up for auction is a 1940s Washington Capitols team jacket, likely worn by Auerbach during his early coaching days, and later signed by the man himself. Additionally, the auction includes a distinctive collection of Auerbach’s smoking pipes, complete with a stand and humidor, providing a truly intimate glimpse into the life of this basketball icon.

Other noteworthy lots include two signed 1960-61 team photos, a 1981 Celtics championship watch, autographed photos of Auerbach with the legendary Bill Russell, a 1960s photo of Bob Cousy signed to Auerbach, and various championship rings and jewelry gifted to his wife and family.

This auction follows a previous sale of Auerbach’s belongings in 2011, continuing the opportunity for enthusiasts to acquire a treasured piece of basketball history. Bidding for these rare and historic items will conclude on Friday, February 25, offering collectors and fans an unparalleled chance to celebrate the enduring legacy of one of the NBA’s most revered figures.