INDYCAR and Parkside Cards Team Up to Launch Exciting New Trading Card Series

As the 2024 INDYCAR season draws near, fans of the high-speed open-wheel racing series have something extra to anticipate. INDYCAR has joined forces with Parkside Cards in a three-year partnership to create a thrilling new series of trading cards. Set to debut on March 1, this collaboration aims to enhance the race weekend experience by offering fans a wide range of collectibles, contests, and giveaways.

The INDYCAR Collection by Parkside will be made available to fans at race events, retail stores, and online. Parkside Cards has planned various initiatives to engage fans and provide them with exciting experiences. One of the highlights of this collaboration is the inclusion of redemption cards, which fans can use to acquire autographed memorabilia. There will also be a contest where fans can enter for a chance to win a grand prize trip to the prestigious Indy 500.

Parkside Cards, known for its collections featuring the US Women’s National Soccer Team and the National Women’s Soccer League, is expanding its portfolio with this partnership in the world of motorsport. The INDYCAR Collection Hobby boxes will be priced at $88.99 plus shipping, and each box will contain 20 packs with eight cards in each pack, guaranteeing fans two autographed cards per box. For those looking to obtain these trading cards through retail stores, hanger packs will be available, featuring 25 cards each, with an autographed card included in every 18th pack.

One unique offering in the INDYCAR Collection is the inclusion of relic cards that contain actual pieces of brick from the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. These relic cards add a tangible piece of racing history to fans’ collections, making them even more special. The base set of the trading cards will feature 162 cards, accompanied by a 72-card Marquee Moments insert set, as well as thematic inserts like Race Events, Pit Pass, and Indy NXT. Fans can also find autographs from 27 different drivers, with special Blue, Black, and 1/1 Gold parallels that add to the collectibility of the series.

Mark Miles, President and CEO of Penske Entertainment Corp., expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, recognizing the significance of trading cards in helping fans connect with their favorite sport stars. He believes that the new INDYCAR card series will offer fans a dynamic way to engage with the personalities and talents of INDYCAR racing.

Pre-sales for the 2024 INDYCAR trading card boxes are already underway, with the racing season set to begin on March 10 in St. Petersburg, Florida. This exciting collaboration between INDYCAR and Parkside Cards represents a new and interactive way for racing enthusiasts and collectors to celebrate the exhilaration of INDYCAR racing. Get ready to rev up your engines and collect these exciting cards, as they will truly bring fans closer to the thrilling world of INDYCAR.