Leaf Trading Cards Acquires and Revitalizes Press Pass Brand

Leaf Trading Cards has made a significant announcement in the trading card industry by officially acquiring the iconic Press Pass brand. Press Pass, known for its innovative approach to memorabilia cards, ceased operations in 2015 after a successful run since 1992. It was particularly renowned for its NASCAR sets and NFL Draft products.

With a focus on blending tradition and innovation, Leaf Trading Cards is set to revitalize the Press Pass brand. The relaunch will begin with the introduction of a football trading card box that showcases promising high school quarterback JuJu Lewis. As a junior in high school and a highly sought-after prospect, Lewis highlights Leaf’s commitment to showcasing emerging talent in the world of sports.

Leading the revival of the beloved brand is Kevin O’Neil, the current CEO of Leaf Trading Cards who previously served as the Director of Sales at Press Pass during its influential years. With his unique perspective and experience, O’Neil plans to release standalone Press Pass-branded products that pay homage to the brand’s storied past while infusing it with a modern touch.

Press Pass is widely credited with pioneering the use of memorabilia cards in the trading card industry. Notably, their 1996 NASCAR release featured race-used tires, breaking new ground in the integration of authentic memorabilia into cards. This innovation continued with the introduction of race-used sheet metal cards and the first-ever game-used jersey basketball cards in a draft product that showcased future NBA stars such as Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson.

The acquisition and relaunch of the Press Pass brand by Leaf Trading Cards represents a strategic expansion of their product offerings. By merging nostalgia with contemporary sports memorabilia, Leaf intends to introduce a new generation of collectors to the Press Pass legacy while continuing to push the boundaries of innovation within the trading card market.

Leaf Trading Cards has built a reputation for its unique and high-quality products, and the addition of the Press Pass brand only strengthens their position in the industry. Leaf’s commitment to highlighting emerging talent, coupled with their dedication to preserving the legacy of Press Pass, promises exciting new trading card lines and experiences for collectors and fans alike.

As the trading card market continues to evolve, Leaf Trading Cards stands out as a company at the forefront of innovation. With the acquisition and relaunch of the Press Pass brand, they are not only preserving the past but also reimagining it for the future. The revival of Press Pass is set to captivate a new generation of collectors, while longtime enthusiasts can look forward to a fresh take on a beloved brand.