Fanatics Launches ‘The Ten’ Program to Reward Top Sports Card Collectors

Fanatics Collectibles, in partnership with Fanatics Live, has unveiled a groundbreaking new initiative called ‘The Ten’ that celebrates and rewards collectors for discovering the top 10 sports cards in the market. Inspired by popular lists like the “Billboard Hot 100” and the FBI’s “Most Wanted,” ‘The Ten’ showcases a dynamic selection of 10 cards spanning all sports. Collectors who successfully pull one of these extraordinary cards on the Fanatics Live app will receive a reward of $10,000 in Fanatics Live credit to fuel their collecting passion.

Each month, ‘The Ten’ will feature a rotation of cards carefully chosen for their rarity and popularity. Among the inaugural selection are highly sought-after cards such as the 2023-24 Bowman Chrome University Bronny James/LeBron James 1/1 dual-auto card and the yet-to-be-discovered 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball Draft Tom Brady 12/50 inscribed card.

The lineup of ‘The Ten’ includes a mix of legendary athletes like Tom Brady and Steph Curry, as well as rising stars such as MLB’s Corbin Carroll and Anthony Volpe, and NBA’s Luka Doncic and Chet Holmgren. This diverse collection includes cards from renowned brands such as Panini, Upper Deck, Topps, and Bowman.

James Kollar, senior director of marketing at Fanatics Live, emphasized that the goal of ‘The Ten’ is to elevate the collecting experience and give back to collectors and the hobby. The initiative aims to foster community engagement by allowing participants on the Fanatics Live app and the wider collecting community to have a voice in the selection process for the monthly cards.

In addition to its rewards program, ‘The Ten’ serves as a platform to promote new products and ignite interest in existing releases that feature chase cards. By giving dealers and collectors the opportunity to showcase these exceptional cards, this initiative generates excitement and sparks lively discussions within the collecting community.

Fanatics Live has plans to feature pack and box breaks, as well as special shows centered around ‘The Ten’, where major discoveries will be celebrated and upcoming cards will be announced. A dedicated webpage will track the cards and the collectors who found them, adding to the narrative and excitement around each rare find.

‘The Ten’ program doesn’t just celebrate the cards themselves; it also focuses on the captivating stories behind the collectors and their discoveries, bringing a unique storytelling aspect to the world of sports card collecting. Since its launch, Fanatics Live has experienced steady growth, boasting an impressive average watch time of 56 minutes. This demonstrates the platform’s emergence as a community-focused hub for collectors to connect and engage.

James Kollar expressed his excitement about the potential impact of ‘The Ten’ program, both for the Fanatics brand and the collector community at large. With its emphasis on rewarding and highlighting top sports cards, ‘The Ten’ is set to revolutionize the way collectors engage with the hobby, creating an unparalleled experience for fans and collectors alike.