Topps Unveils Tom Brady’s Unique Baseball Card in 2023 Bowman Draft

Topps, renowned for its baseball card collections, is shaking things up with the release of the 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball collection by featuring none other than former NFL star Tom Brady. Known for his successful football career, Brady was also a talented multi-sport athlete during his high school days, and this collection pays homage to his alternate sports path.

In a surprising twist, Brady will be seen on these cards wearing a Montreal Expos jersey, commemorating his selection by the Expos in the 18th round of the draft. However, instead of pursuing baseball, Brady chose to focus on football and played for the University of Michigan.

The 2023 Bowman Draft collection will include 81 autographed cards of Tom Brady, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans and collectors. Topps has also hinted at an amusing video to enhance the excitement around the release. Social media teasers have already caused a stir, with one card in particular catching everyone’s attention.

This standout card features Brady with a playful inscription, suggesting that if his baseball career didn’t pan out, football would always be an option. The inscription adds a touch of humor to the collection and showcases Brady’s versatile athletic abilities. Additionally, a French inscription pays tribute to the Montreal Expos, adding a special touch for fans of the team.

The highlight of the 2023 Bowman Draft collection is an autographed card numbered 12/50, a direct nod to Brady’s iconic jersey number. This particular card has generated significant buzz in the collector’s world, with a private collector already offering a staggering $500,000 for it. Alongside this highly sought-after card, there is also a rare 1-1 SuperFractor auto card, adding to the covetability of the collection.

Interestingly, Tom Brady holds the distinction of being the last draft pick from the Montreal Expos to retire from professional sports. After the 2004 season, the Expos relocated to Washington, D.C., and were rebranded as the Nationals. Brady’s appearance in the 2023 Bowman Draft collection serves as a reminder of the Expos’ rich history and their connection to a great athlete.

For avid collectors, the 2023 Bowman Draft collection will be available in two formats: Hobby and Jumbo. The Hobby format includes three autographs per box, while the Jumbo format offers an even more exciting deal of five autographs. The official release of the collection is scheduled for Tuesday, December 12, with collectors eagerly anticipating the chance to add these unique cards to their collections.

However, some lucky collectors have already stumbled upon early boxes of the 2023 Bowman Draft collection. Hit Factory Sports Cards in Arizona revealed a non-signed Tom Brady card, giving fans a sneak peek of what’s to come. In addition, autographed Tom Brady cards from the collection have already made their way onto online marketplaces like eBay, causing a flurry of excitement and bidding amongst fans and collectors alike.

The 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball collection featuring Tom Brady is an unexpected yet delightful addition to the world of baseball card collecting. With its unique concept, autographed cards, and playful inscriptions, this collection is poised to become highly sought-after among both sports fans and card collectors. As Tom Brady continues to make his mark in the football world, his appearance in this baseball collection provides a fascinating glimpse into his diverse athletic journey.