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A trading card is a small collectible item made usually from paperboard or thick paper and features a picture of a certain person, a place or thing. A sports card is a subcategory of trading cards and usually features sportsmen. The most popular sports cards had baseball players printed on them and were a major collectible item in the 1990’s. However as other sports became equally popular, sports cards of almost all spots and their popular players emerged and were collected by the fans. 

Sports cards not only functioned as a collectible item but were also used in fantasy sports where these cards were used to create fantasy-based gameplay situations. Throughout the 90’s the phenomenon of sports cards was on the rise and there were several exhibitions all across the country. The first sports card ever to be produced was made by a sporting goods company when baseball was officially recognized as a sport. What was initially a marketing tool, soon became a global phenomenon as more and more people were able to get their hands on these cards. But, with modernization and the emergency of the internet and technology, physical sports cards faded into the background.

Attempts were made to digitize the cards when companies like Topps issued their ecards that were accessible through CD Roms or floppy discs but they never became popular or widely sought after like its physical counterparts. With more than twenty years now, the sight of a good sports card is becoming rare and rare. Moreover, there are no sports card exhibitions or tournaments happening anymore. Yet, a recent surge in sports cards was experienced due to the pandemic when people stayed at home and finally got the time to go through their old stuff. This not only once again revived the sports cards but also gave a kickstart to the culture in this postmodern world. 

So, if you ever come across a sports card while cleaning your attic or basement make sure to get the card graded as it can be extremely valuable. Sports card grading is the process of getting your sports card verified. It is like an inspection report for a card. It indicates the quality, the condition and the value of the card, much like a jeweler verifying the quality of a jewelry. The card is judged on the basis of its corner, surface and centering alongside the player printed on the card. The most popular sports card grading company is ISA Grading. As a third-party service it is the most trusted and authentic grading company in the world. 

If all of this got you excited don’t worry as there are a ton of sports cards forum and sports cards news sites that bring you some of the best discussions and news centered around trading cards. Some of these include Sports Card Trading Forum. Get yourself accustomed with all the information out there and become an important member of this reviving community.