Topps NOW Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card Surprise

Some lucky recipients of the Topps NOW Victor Wembanyama Rookie of the Year card are in for a pleasant surprise as they open their mailboxes. According to Sports Collectors Digest (SCD), a special glow-in-the-dark variation of the card has been discovered, adding an exciting twist to the already popular collectible.

The standard version of the card, which garnered immense attention by setting a Topps NOW record with a staggering 113,777 units sold in just 72 hours, can be easily found on eBay for approximately $25. However, the revelation of a glow-in-the-dark version has sparked a new level of interest among collectors and fans alike.

While Topps has remained tight-lipped about the exact print run of these luminous variations, only a limited number are currently available on eBay, with just 15 listings and two already marked as sold. This unique edition of the card pays homage to Victor Wembanyama’s moniker, “The Alien,” adding an extra layer of appeal for enthusiasts seeking to add the rare variation to their collections.

The unexpected discovery of the glow-in-the-dark variation has sent a wave of excitement through the collecting community. With collectors eagerly searching for this elusive version, the chase for the special card has become a thrilling quest for those who were quick to secure their order.

As Wembanyama continues to make waves in the basketball world, his rookie card, especially in its unique glow-in-the-dark form, serves as a coveted item for both sports memorabilia enthusiasts and fans of the rising basketball star. The element of surprise and exclusivity surrounding this special variation only adds to its desirability, turning the act of collecting into an engaging and rewarding pursuit for those lucky enough to obtain one.