1988 Maxx Racing Cards

1988 Maxx was the first mainstream set dedicated to NASCAR auto racing and the first attempt at producing a mass-market racing product. The set can be found in two editions, Myrtle Beach (MB) and Charlotte (CH). These cards were distributed in packs and as complete sets. There are two different cover cards for both Charlotte and Myrtle Beach sets, featuring different descriptions in the starburst area depending on if the cover card came from a pack or factory set. The cover card in the factory sets reads "100 Collector cards", while the cover card in the shrink-wrapped packs shows "10 Collector cards."

The Myrtle Beach Set

The Myrtle Beach set is considered the first printing, and contains 100 cards including a Cover Card and four checklists. Packs of the cards were initially introduced to NASCAR fans at the 1988 Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte. The "Myrtle Beach" name was attached to this set due to the printer's notation on the four checklists.

The one-hundred standard sized cards comprising this set were also issued in complete factory sets which were offered to collectors for the price of $19.95 through an offer on the cover cards inside packs. The packs each contained 10 cards and were shrink-wrapped and packaged into boxes of 44 packs. The Cover Card from this set was produced with two different descriptions located in the yellow starburst on the front of the card. It is reported that only 10,000 sets of the Myrtle Beach edition were made.

The Charlotte Set

The Charlotte set contains cards from the second and third printings of 1988 Maxx. The "Charlotte" name refers to what was thought to be the location where the cards were printed, although it has since been said that all three printings of 1988 Maxx were done at the same place.

The Charlotte set is often called the "First Annual Edition" by collectors, and it contains several differences from the Myrtle Beach set. During the second printing, ten cards including the two variations of the cover card were changed. The Myrtle Beach notation was removed from the four checklist cards. The special offer price was changed prior to the second printing from $19.95 to $21.45 on the cover cards.The #10 Talladega Streaks card was eliminated to make room for a Darrell Waltrip card. The #19 checklist card was changed to reflect this move. On card #26 Phil Parsons, his wife's name is mentioned in the family section on the back of the card, where it was excluded in the Myrtle Beach set.

During the third printing of this set, six cards were changed. The #59 1988 Begins card was removed and replaced with a #59 Brett Bodine card. The #69 checklist was also changed to reflect this move. The #43 Daytona International Speedway card was changed to card #47 and the previous #47 Single File card was eliminated. Richard Petty replaced the #43 card and the #36 checklist was then updated to show these changes. On the #88 Ken Bouchard card, the family section was changed to reflect the fact that he had now married his fiance during the racing season.1988 Maxx Factory Set

There was also a card #99 of Dale Earnhardt that originally wasn't released due to Maxx not securing a license with Dale Earnhardt. This is considered Dale Earnhardt's rookie card. The card was printed but later pulled from production before the product was released, although there are some promo cards in existance. The card was also later issued witha limited edition sticker on in the 1994 Maxx Medallion set as a randomly inserted special card.